Why It’s Better To Adopt Two Cats Than One

Why it is better to adopt two cats than one

If you like kittens and have decided to get one for the family, you should seriously consider the following: if you have good finances, it is better to adopt two cats. We’ll tell you why.

It is perfect to adopt two cats from the same litter so that they can grow up together. If you already have a cat and want to adopt another crying friend into the family, take some precautions.

Two cats will be about the same amount of work as one, but result in double satisfaction. You will soon notice why.

Remember, however, that the most important thing is that cats – who are very social animals, no matter what many people think – will grow up happier and have better personalities and behaviors.

Older and younger cat

Among the benefits of adopting two cats instead of one, we can emphasize:

  • Adaptation: it is traumatic to separate a kitten from its mother and take it to a new home, but the impact will be much less if it is accompanied by a sibling.
  • Socialization: a kitten growing up with another cat will be less aggressive as an adult and get along better with other cats.
  • Play: having a cat friend for adventure is very good. In addition to being able to watch the cats play, you will also avoid being bitten or torn by a cat that feels lonely.
  • Friendship: if you are away from home for extended periods, the animals will keep each other company and not be as lonely. They will not only play with each other, but also sleep close to each other and wash each other.
  • Physical and mental health: by staying active with play, cats will not risk becoming overweight, but will remain agile. By not being alone, they will avoid apathetic attitudes or certain destructive activities.

Other topics to consider if you decide to adopt two or more cats:

  • If you have two males, they will get along better if they are neutered. If they are a couple, remember that they can reproduce even if they are siblings. Therefore, be sure to castrate them.
  • It is not a good idea to adopt another cat into the family if your current cat is traumatized, old or sick.
  • Cats do not care about breeds and do not start conflicts because of them. Coexistence between different races is therefore not a problem.
  • When you adopt another animal into your home, make sure that it has a similar personality and activity level as the existing cat.
  • It is good if the new cat is younger if your current cat is shy or insecure. It can teach the new cat things and raise its self-esteem.
Different races

Nothing is perfect, and you have to think about any problems if you get two cats. Costs for food, veterinary care, vaccinations, toys, cat litter, etc. will, for example, be doubled.

However, you will also double the love, friendship and fun. Playing or observing cats is invaluable.

For this reason , the benefits are overwhelming, so if it’s in your budget, make the decision and adopt two cats instead of one. They will develop amazing personalities and live happier as well as healthier.

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