Why It Hurts When You Lose A Pet

Nothing will be as it was before because its love and loyalty relieved all kinds of pain.
Therefore, it hurts when you lose a pet

When you lose a pet, we feel as empty as if we had lost a child, a sibling or a parent. We experience an enormous pain that can not be compared to anything else and that is difficult to explain. In this article we will tell you why it hurts as much to lose a pet as it does to lose a family member.

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Those of us who love animals know that there is nothing worse than losing them. Dogs and cats spend far too many years by our side for their death not to affect us. Just the thought that one day they will die gives us a lump in the throat. It is important to remember that this will happen sooner or later, and that we must be prepared.

The strong bond we have with our pets goes so deep that it sometimes feels impossible to imagine a life without them.

Unfortunately, the life cycle of pets is much shorter than ours. According to psychologists, experiencing the death of a pet has a great emotional impact on people, just like when a family member dies. Why? Well, because the dog or cat is as vital a part of our family as the others.

According to a study from the University of Hawaii, the pain caused when we lose a pet is not only very intense, but also long-lasting. One in three say they suffered at least six months after the loss.

Pets give us their love, loyalty and support (in many cases more than we get from other people). Because of this, we experience something that researchers call the “end of a special relationship” when we lose a pet.

The pain of losing a pet is not always easy for others to understand, especially in cases where the other person is not the pet owner himself. Unlike when a family member dies, others after a pet’s death usually have a hard time taking the pain seriously.

As more and more procurers acquire pets and make them an additional member of the household, it has also become more common to organize funerals when the pet passes away. There are also special cemeteries for pets.

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It does not matter if your friends or family do not understand your pain or say that you are exaggerating when you are sad. If your dog or cat dies, you need to express your grief at the loss. Take the time you need to get through this awful situation.

Never hold back tears. Release all your pain by crying.

Do not blame yourself for what happened. Your pet died but it’s not your fault. It is better to be kind to yourself in a situation like this.

During the first weeks, you will feel a deep sadness, but be patient. If you do not feel like talking, do not. If you prefer to stay home over the weekend, do so. But remember that at some point you will have to return to your normal life.

Finally, remember when your dog or cat was both playfully happy and when it got into trouble. Do not save too many old toys and gadgets that remind you of your pet, because it can lead to unnecessary pain. Donate them to other animals in need. Also, wait a while before bringing home a new pet. When you have stopped looking for a replacement, you know that you are ready to give your new life a chance.

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