Why Females Lick Their Vulvae Among Dogs

Why females lick their vulvae among dogs

You may have noticed that females lick their vulvae among dogs. Many owners consider this to be a completely normal behavior and a sign that the dog is healthy, while others see it as a bad habit.

The females (in each species) are fascinating, because they are often very protective and caring. Why then do they lick their vulvae? When a female does this intensely and frequently, it can be a sign that something is wrong with the body. You should talk to your veterinarian for advice.

The vulva is the outer opening of the female’s reproductive system and prevents toxins from entering the body. However, the vulva itself can become irritated if harmful microorganisms and chemical substances enter from the surrounding environment.

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It is important to pay attention to whether the dog often licks his vulva (especially if this is a new behavior). It could be a sign of an infection or disease. If the dog has this behavior, you should not punish it or ignore that it occurs.

That the dog licks itself is something completely natural, and it does not necessarily indicate that something is wrong. There are many reasons why the dog does this, but if it occurs too much, it may indicate a larger problem.


Dogs often suffer from stress. It is not uncommon for dogs to be as restless and anxious as their owners. They can also be affected by the environment they are in. City life can, for example, make the dog stressed.

Stress occurs when you have been too tense for a long time. Both animals and humans need to be able to channel their stress. Some dogs bark, some need to exercise often and some lick themselves when they feel stressed.


Some females have abnormal hormone levels and may also suffer from related diseases. This can cause hyperactivity, stress or anxiety. It can also be a reason for the dog to lick its vulva.

Infections or inflammations

If the dog is constantly licking itself and the vulva is full of bruises, bleeding or swollen, it may be inflamed or infected. The dog may be suffering from a disease such as a urinary tract infection. It can also be some form of allergy or inflammation, which is common in dirty environments.

Take the dog to the vet as soon as possible if the dog shows these symptoms, otherwise the bacteria can spread and infect the rest of the body. It is especially important that the infection does not reach the ovaries as this may affect the dog’s reproductive ability.

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Dogs masturbate just like humans, and this is a natural step in the dog’s development. Just as a baby moves itself to explore its body, so do the puppies lick themselves.

It is normal for dogs to start licking their genitals at six or seven months of age. The dog is discovering his body.

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