Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

If you are a cat owner, you have probably asked yourself: why do cats sleep so much? People are surprised when they see their pets resting all day.
Why do cats sleep so much?

Have you ever wished you were a cat just so you could sleep all day? People are usually surprised at how much cats sleep, but it’s probably because they do not understand why they do it (there are reasons). In today’s article we tell why cats sleep so much. We are sure you will be amazed!

Why do cats sleep so much?

Sleeping cat in close-up.

On average, cats sleep about 15 hours a day. However, there are other times of the year when these ‘naps’ can amount to 20 hours in a day. Of course, we want to know why they rest so much.

First, you should know that cats have a more active nightlife than humans. K Atter are most active from dusk to dawn. We neither see nor hear when they move because we lie in bed and sleep. When cats are awake, humans sleep and vice versa. Your cat probably thinks you’re weird because you sleep all night!

During the day hours, cats look for places, whether it is the bed or the couch, where they can rest and be to themselves. They charge their batteries so they can get up at night (even if it’s just to sneak around the room). When everyone is asleep, both prey and insects come out, and that is when cats are most alert.

Cats rest to save energy

It is a proven fact that newborn cats and older cats sleep more than others. Kittens need to rest more because they need to continue to develop outside the womb. Older cats also need more rest because they do not have enough energy to spend too many hours awake.

But remember that cats between the ages of 1 and 6 must also recharge their batteries and will therefore sleep during the day as well.

Cats are related to lions, cougars and leopards. These felines are natural hunters and hunt their prey at night, because that is when the prey is awake. Cats have similar patterns: sleeping during the day and looking for food at night. Although cats are domestic animals, they still retain these wild and instinctive qualities (which are also evident when they play).

Hunting requires a lot of energy. Even if the cat eats cat food that he receives from its owner, his body will still look for food! Therefore, the hours he spends sleeping are his way of saving the energy he needs to cheat, climb, jump, etc.

Have you ever noticed that your cat sleeps more when it rains? Weather is a crucial factor in the number of hours your cat sleeps. The same thing happens when it is cold outside. Maybe we still look a bit like cats, or what do you think?

Cats rest a lot even though they do not need to

Kittens cuddle with each other.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that cats do not have to go out for walks, as dogs do. They have everything they need at home: food, water, a bed and their “toilet”. They do not have to do much to meet their basic needs.

But that’s also why they get bored so easily, and instead of being bored, they sleep! The second option would be to tear up our clothes and shoes, constantly ask us to play or pet them, fight with other animals or tear down the furniture. It sounds like rest may be the best option.

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