Which Lifestyle Do You Prefer For Indoor And Outdoor Animals?

Some animals thrive outdoors, while others prefer to be indoors with their owners.
Which lifestyle do you prefer for indoor and outdoor animals?

Is it better for pets to sleep indoors or outdoors? How to make it as good and comfortable as possible for them? These are some of the questions that owners ask themselves regarding indoor animals and outdoor animals. Below we give you some general guidelines for finding out if your pets thrive best indoors or outdoors.

Indoor animals and outdoor animals often have different needs. This means that some pets are happiest in the open air, while others want to interact with the family to feel happy. The latter therefore prefer to spend most of their time indoors.

Owners often build or buy kennels for pets outdoors. But there are animals, such as dogs, who feel sad if they have to sleep outdoors. Dogs are very social animals, so they need to spend time with others and socialize.

A kennel can help the dog feel that it has its own space, but it is not good for the animal to sleep there every night. It will not only feel lonely, but will also be more susceptible to diseases due to climate change.

In the case of cats, it is recommended that you earmark an area for them inside the house. These pets are much more independent and like to have their own space, but they are also more likely to escape. It is also best to have them in a controlled area.

There are nowadays many solutions for indoor and outdoor animals so that they can have their own space. This also applies to apartments or detached houses.

Dog lying on the floor.

You should adapt the design to your own home so that it fits into the environment.

Coffee table / house for the pet

An interesting solution may be to have small tables that are designed for several functions. There are companies that, for example, manufacture innovative living room tables that also function as a small kennel.

This kennel usually has a table at the top, with a cozy place for the pets underneath. It also has compartments where you can store newspapers.

Compact house for the pet

The Korean company Bad Marlon offers innovative and compact design that is perfect to have at home. These small houses have clean, well-defined geometric lines, and are perfect for a modern and minimalist style.

Natural animal houses

If you are trying to give your pet its own space, you can also take a look at Sou Fujimoto’s work.

Sou Fujimoto’s idea is to create a natural home for the animal. He uses open shelves when building the house. On these shelves you can place flowers and plants that freshen up the animal’s area and also the home itself.

Dog lying next to his food bowl.

Innovative and comfortable houses

Another innovative and fantastic design is Rah Design . These houses are built of concrete, steel and wood imported from Brazil. The idea with these houses is that they should be comfortable. They are tailored with beds and other items, and are easy to transport.

It is important to consider aspects such as size, type of animal and space when making decisions regarding indoor animals and outdoor animals. You can also give your pet a small hut inside the house and one outside.

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