When To Say “yes” To Killing?

When to say "yes" to killing?

Euthanasia, which should only be done on the advice of a veterinarian, means letting your dog (or other pet) fall asleep prematurely so that the animal does not suffer.

It is often one of the most painful situations for any pet owner. Chronic and serious diseases are the most common reasons for having to resort to killing. These intense diseases come from a dog’s age, etc.

For owners of sick or elderly animals , killing can cause very intense feelings of guilt and sadness.

Some of the most common questions are: Is it right to let my dog ​​fall asleep? Will he suffer? Should I be with him when it happens? May I take the remains with him after his death? How can I get over my pet’s death?

Sick dog

The first thing to remember is that when the veterinarian mentions the possibility of killing, it is because he is sure that the dog is suffering and it is about to go away. This is the most important point.

The quality of life of an animal that is sick or has serious physical problems due to age decreases significantly. In some cases , the dog can not walk. It may meet the toilet needs indoors, have intense pain, or have become blind or deaf.

In such situations, the most important thing to do is to prevent your pet from suffering. Therefore, you should not feel guilty about wanting the best for your dog, even if it is a very difficult and painful decision.

The term “euthanasia” comes from Greek and it means “good death”. As you can understand, its purpose is to prevent the dog from experiencing pain and suffering.

Therefore, the euthanasia process will not cause the animal any pain. It will fall asleep naturally and peacefully. At the same time, there are also techniques that prevent the pet from feeling the sting of the needle when injecting the substance for euthanasia.

Although it is very painful for the owner, it is important that the dog does not feel alone during his last moments. Although it does not feel any pain or suffering, you should remember that it is in a strange place – the vet’s – where many dogs are nervous.

Therefore, the owner gives peace and quiet to the animal. The dog is unaware that it will fall asleep, but it may be afraid that it will be injured. It is recommended to be with the dog during his last minutes to prevent him from feeling lonely.

When it comes to your feelings as an owner , it is important to say goodbye to your dog and feel that you were there during his last minutes. This makes it much easier to get over the dog’s death. An owner feels best to witness that his animal does not suffer when it dies, but that it falls asleep peacefully.

The owners are allowed to bring the animal’s body with them so that they can bury it. Although it seems like a very simple act, it helps to get over the loss of your pet. Some veterinary offices offer the opportunity to cremate the animal’s body and deliver the ashes to the owner.

Sick dog

The death of a loyal friend, like a dog, leaves a mark on the people (as well as other pets) who experience it. There are people who live 20 years with their pet. This is a long journey full of experiences where a strong friendship was created.

Feeling sad, depressed and lacking in appetite is normal for a person mourning the death of their dog. These feelings are part of overcoming the dog’s death.

In any case, people mourn the deaths of their loved ones (including pets) in various ways. The time it takes to get over a dog’s death can vary between people. Some people need more time than others to return to their normal lives and not feel sad.

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