What You Can Teach A Dog In Relation To Its Age

What you can teach a dog in relation to its age

When people adopt a dog, they usually want the dog to already know how to go to the toilet, to come when it  is called on, not to pull the leash, shake paws and a host of other things. In their obsession with getting through this, they can overwhelm the dog and want to teach it all at once in the belief that the faster it learns the better. But you can not teach a dog that way.

It is important to remember that a puppy is like a small child. You can not teach a child to talk until it is ready. Puppies also need to learn at their own pace and need the right time to learn the right thing. But how do we know when it is?

At My Animals , we have prepared a guide for you so that you can know what you can teach a dog in what part of life.

Puppy in a box

Let’s take a look at what you can teach a dog in relation to its age:

Newborn puppy

Although many people think that they have to wait a long time until they can train a dog, this is not true. In fact, it is when they are puppies that it is best time to teach them certain things. Of course, we will not teach them to shake paws for example, but there are other important things.

These little important things will make it easier to live with the dog. They will also introduce your newborn puppy to the world of learning and obedience. These lessons can be: to do away with oneself in the same place, to be left alone at home without destroying the place, not to bite and to respect other people’s things.

At three months

This is a recommended age to start going out and walking the streets. Before you do this, it is good if the dog comes when called. It is also good if it is calm and walks by your side, not in front and not behind you.

In addition  , it is good if they are comfortable with a leash before going out. If you try to go out with them on a leash when they are not used to it, they will probably want to remove it or refuse to go. Or they can learn how to get out of it and have an accident. So how do we teach this?

At home, you can put a leash on them even if you are not going out. When they are young, it is recommended to use a harness to make them stop jerking, which can damage their neck. You can put it on at home so that they get used to it and thus do not experience it as a problem when you go out.

Between six and eight months

At this age  , the brain is already well developed and understands all kinds of instructions. This is the ideal time to start teaching your dog all the things you wanted him to do. For example, you can teach them to shake paws, to sit or stand. You can teach them to pick up or drop or whatever you can think of. You can do this as long as you use positive reinforcement and a great deal of patience.

Like any learning, the dog training process has its steps and special approaches.

To teach a dog according to its age
  • Always use positive encouragement. If a lack of patience makes you yell at your dog, you will achieve the exact opposite of what you want. All progress, no matter how small, must be earned with love, perseverance and affection. Of course you should reward it too!
  • Do not train it for too long. Dogs do not have great ability to concentrate, which means that it is better to train them in several short sessions a few minutes at a time instead of a whole hour.
  • Be positive. If your dog does not learn, it is not their fault but your own. It is then something that you did not understand properly, and to find out what it is, you have to think like a dog. Put yourself in its situation, think like it. You will soon understand what your furry friend needs that you did not do for it.

Above all, you should think about training your dog in the right rhythm for his age. Do not go too fast, but do not postpone things to the future. Every lesson has its time. Of course, as I said, you get nowhere by barking or screaming. You need a great deal of love, patience, perseverance and affection. These qualities along with positive encouragement will always work. 

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