What To Do If The Dog Is Afraid Of Cars

If you want to solve this problem, you need to stay calm and not force the dog. You should gradually get it used to cars so that it feels comfortable.
What to do if the dog is afraid of cars

There are many dogs who are afraid of cars, whether they are out and about or when they hear the sound of cars nearby. This behavior tends to be associated with post-traumatic stress, but not always. However, something can be done about this. Read the advice in this article to find out what to do if your dog is afraid of cars.

Stay calm

If you already know that your dog is afraid of cars and you also get nervous every time a car passes, this will only make things worse for your dog. You should talk to him in a calm voice while walking calmly with him. Smile and show him that you are calm so that he too can stay calm.

Do not pat him

If your dog is anxious, you should not pet him. Petting him is a reward and the dog will see it this way. If you pet the dog, it will think that this behavior is good, which will only intensify the reaction the next time you are in a similar situation.

Do not bark if the dog is afraid of cars

Fear is something that every human and animal feels. If you bark at the dog, it will start to feel worse and become even more scared. It can also start to associate you with the same bad feeling that comes from the sounds that cars make. This will only make the dog more anxious and nervous in your vicinity. Your dog should always feel safe when it is with you and not threatened.

Do not force the dog

It is said that the best way to overcome a fear is to deal with it. However, this does not work for all people and does not work with animals. Do not force your dog to face his fears, because this will only make things worse.

Dog lying under a car.

Make it more common with car sounds

If you live in an urban environment, you may live on a lively street full of cars. Make the sounds part of the background sound by leaving the windows open. Do not open all the windows at once. Try to keep a window open all week. Then open another window until you have gradually opened them all.

During this process, you will be able to observe how the dog reacts and see if it gets used to the sound or if it becomes more scared. If you are about to open a new window and he is not ready, wait a little longer.

Take him somewhere where there are cars

When you do this, make sure that the cars are not so badly close. Walk to a park or a street near a road with a lot of traffic where you can see and hear the cars in the distance. Do not stay there too long if you notice that the dog becomes anxious. Half a minute two to three times a week is enough as therapy.

If you notice that the dog becomes less scared, you can stay a little longer every day.

Establish a command

Try to get the dog to obey or understand a command when you are close to the traffic. If the dog focuses and concentrates on you, it will forget that there are cars nearby, which will help the dog to overcome his fears.

Fear of driving

If your dog is afraid to drive, make sure that the belt is comfortable for him and does not sit too tight. You can also put the dog in a high chair if it is the right size.

Dog sitting in the back seat.

Open the window so that the dog does not get dizzy. However, do not use an air purifier in the car, as they have strong odors that can make the dog nauseous.

If your dog becomes anxious and nervous, do not force it into the car. It is much better to first calm the dog down and train it to jump in and out of the car with the help of dog treats. The dog will then begin to relate the car to something positive.

So do not worry. You can deal with the fear and trauma that the dog experiences if you learn to understand the signs that it shows and you show a lot of care. It is the same if the dog is afraid of cars. It takes effort, but it’s definitely worth it.

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