What Do You Need To Bring Home A Kitten?

A kitten is not able to regulate its body temperature during the first weeks of life. They are also susceptible to colds and lung problems.
What do you need to bring home a kitten?

If you want to offer your kitten a comfortable home and proper care to keep him healthy, you need to prepare in advance. In this article you can read everything you need to know how to prepare your home to bring home a kitten.

Kittens cannot regulate their body temperature during their first weeks of life, making them susceptible  to chills and lung problems. Therefore, it is essential that your home maintains a comfortable temperature so that you can take your kitten home. It is best if the temperature in the home is between 21 and 24 ° C.

kitten under towel

An excellent option for offering your kitten warmth is to  purchase an electric pillow with controllable temperature.

Before you take a cat home, you need to make sure you prepare your own place for it.  A place where your new friend can feel safe, rest and grow up healthy. Kittens sleep more than 12 hours a day. It is really important that they have a comfortable place to sleep. Of course, the place should be clean, dry and warm.

Sleeping cat

Your new friend will also  need one place to eat and another to use the litter box. Cats are very picky with their hygiene and food. Therefore, these two should never stand close to each other. Make sure their  water and food bowl is the right size for them. It is a good idea to use bowls that are made of materials that are easy to clean and have antibacterial properties.

When it comes to the litter box, the most important quality is the absorbency of the cat litter. There are many options in the store. However, we recommend bentonite-based brands.

Cats are very independent and careful with their hygiene  because they have an inherent need to keep their body healthy.

Stimulation and cleansing of the urinary tract and stool

A newborn kitten is not able to control its bladder or bowel function properly. In nature, the mother normally licks their intimate parts to stimulate them.

If your kitten is less than 12 weeks old, you will need to clean them after each meal. You can use a cotton ball or a little gauze dipped in lukewarm water. After this phase  , cats easily learn to walk to the litter box themselves.

Cat walks on the box

After they are 50 days old, they can start eating mixed and solid foods. This transition depends entirely on their age. You should make the transition gradually so that he adapts properly and avoids indigestion.

Before changing your cat’s diet or offering him new food,  ask your veterinarian for advice. Generally, medium- or long-haired cats suffer from hairballs in their intestines. To prevent this from happening , you can offer your cat small doses of malt.

Many cats develop aggressive behavior when they become sedentary or not stimulated enough. To prevent this, you can get some toys or accessories for your kitten. There are many different varieties available on the market:  balls, toy rats, feathers, sticks, dolls, etc. It is a good idea to get a claw board so that he does not sharpen his claws on the furniture.

Last but not least, before you take your kitten home, make sure you have chosen the right transport box so that it fits its size and weight. This will be important in the future when you need to transport the cat to the vet or while traveling.

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