Weather Protection For Homeless Cats In New York

It is incredibly important for homeless cats to have somewhere to seek shelter from the cold during the winter, especially those who live in very cold climates.
Weather protection for homeless cats in New York

There are many homeless cats on the streets, but some people and organizations have now started building weather protection so that they do not freeze to death in the winter.

It’s always nice to hear good news about how people really care about what happens to abandoned and homeless cats and dogs.

For example, the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals supports the efforts of organizations and individuals seeking to help homeless cats. They build weather protection for the winter and also offer training to anyone who would like to learn how to build one. In addition, they run Trap-Neuter-Return in downtown New York with the goal of humanely reducing the number of stray cats by capturing them, sterilizing them and providing them with basic veterinary care before releasing them again.

The training provides information about the materials, tools and knowledge you need to build warm and waterproof weather protection for wild and homeless cats so that they can protect themselves from cold temperatures and rain.

They also show how to build two different types of weather protection, and provide general information about the cat kennels that are available to buy locally and the benefits of the many ready-made protections that are available to buy online.

The NYC Feral Cat Initiative

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The NYC Feral Cat Initiative proudly announced how they managed to strengthen their collaborations with several of the city’s institutions and collectives in 2018. They collaborated with the New York Police and Fire Department, the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and many other authorities, city councils and boards as well as private individuals. landowners and developers.

Thanks to its campaigns, NYCFCI continues to be a resource for journalists and others working in the media interested in reporting on homeless cats. The media actually drew attention to their work in several cat-focused articles in various well-known magazines and also as part of documentaries and animal magazines.

Their Trap-Neuter-Return program also helps reduce and control the number of homeless cats. The males are sterilized and this contributes to fewer cats being born on the street. Of course, no cats are harmed during the process.

Things to keep in mind when building weather protection for homeless cats

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  • There are many wild and homeless cats that have to survive outdoors during the winter.
  • A small weather protection for cats must be less than 50 cm high and not too wide. Keep in mind that the smaller it is, the cozier and warmer. Ideally, each weather protection should only accommodate three to five cats at a time.
  • The door should be less than 20 cm wide. It keeps other animals out.
  • You can give the weather protection a door or a hatch on top. This protects the cats from snow, wind and rain.
  • Straw is a suitable material against rain and snow and it also keeps the cats warm and dry. Blankets and other fabrics are not recommended because they absorb moisture.
  • The protection should be built above ground level. You can use pallets with insulation material. This reduces down on cold winds and drafts.
  • If you build weather protection where it snows a lot, you must regularly shovel away the snow that collects at the opening. This is so that the cats will have access to the weather protection and also so that they do not become trapped.
  • When it comes to food, most homeless cats need extra calories and fat during the winter. Canned food is the best, unless it is minus degrees. There are other dry options for kittens. These have much more calories than dry food for adult cats.
  • Homeless cats often look for warmth and protection under cars. Always make sure there is no cat under your car before starting it and driving away.

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