Tombili: The Famous Cat With A Statue In Istanbul

Tombili: the famous cat with a statue in Istanbul

It is often said that cats have nine lives, but some cats seem to live forever. That is at least the case with  Tombili – the famous cat who got a statue in Istanbul. Are you curious about why she received this honor?

It’s nice to meet animal lovers in the world, and even nicer to learn that there are whole animal-loving cities. Istanbul in Turkey is known for taking extremely good care of its stray cats. They are actually everywhere on the streets, but we have already written about that.

Today we will focus entirely on the cat that received a statue in Istanbul.

Tombili is a street cat among many others, but she had something special that made people smile. That was the way she sat. Have you ever seen pictures of Cleopatra lying on a couch while servants feed her grapes?

That’s how Tombili used to sit. It did not matter if it was on a bench, a curb or a step, she always sat the same way. The locals were used to seeing her and always smiled at her face.

Tombili becomes famous

Among the locals, she was not a strange sight, but this reversed when a tourist saw her and snapped a picture. The picture was posted on social media and soon went viral. Later,  Tombili was immortalized in “mems” all over the web.

Her position was really funny, and Tombili’s chubbyness made it even more comical. Strange postures and round cats are something the internet really seems to like.

Tombili and her statue

Unfortunately  , Tombili died in August 2016 after a long illness. Posters all over the city announced the sad news, pointing out that she will never be forgotten. They expressed the thoughts of the locals in writing: “You will live on in our hearts.”

And to ensure that this was the case  , they chose to pay tribute to this cat with a statue where she sits in her typical position. They placed it on one of her favorite benches, and today it is visited by many tourists.

Those who knew her personally say that the statue is very well made and looks just like the real Tombili. People even bring her food, water and tea every day.

Of course, there are other cats that eat and drink these gifts, but the locals want to believe that Tombili’s spirit wanders around and eats the goodies they give her.

Tombili is not the only animal that has become famous on social media. We also have:

  • Hachiko:  Like Tombili, this dog has been given a statue (and even a movie). However, it was for a more noble reason – his unconditional loyalty to his owner.
  • Pancho:  This little chihuahua practices yoga with its owner. He is now famous and has his own Youtube channel.
  • Pumpkin:  This raccoon thinks he’s a baby and does fun things that the whole world loves. He has his own Facebook page and Instagram.
  • Ronaldog:  This little dog is a pro at football and can do amazing tricks with the ball. Maybe one day he will play with the big players.

Image source: Tombilis Facebook

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