To Cut Your Cat’s Claws Without Dying On The Coup

One of the best things you can do when cutting your cat’s claws is to give it a candy so that it can associate the experience with something positive. Patience, caution, a comfortable position for your cat and the right tools are things that make it all easier.
To cut your cat's claws without dying on the coup

Maintaining your pet’s hygiene can be a real challenge. This is especially true with things they do not like, such as brushing their teeth. But have you ever tried to cut your cat’s claws? It’s an absolute nightmare. So if you are tired of getting upset every time, you can take a look at these tips.

How to cut your cat’s claws

If you are tired of the headaches that come with cutting your cat’s claws, then you’re in luck, because we have some helpful advice. These tips will help keep your cat relaxed and still when it’s time. Of course, some cats maintain their claws themselves, and then it is not necessary to cut them. For cats that do not sharpen their claws properly, however, it may be something that needs to be done.

Prepare the cat

When you have to do something that the animal does not like, you can not do it violently. If you want the  cat to stay calm, start by rubbing its paws and other places it likes. Then start examining the paws and claws, and make sure it is calm. Your cat may get tired and try to walk, and then it is not worthwhile to continue. Forcing it to remain still will only make it more difficult.

Carefully pick up the paws and turn them over when the cat lets you. Remember to give it a reward every time it lets you handle its little feet. It will then associate the experience with something positive, which makes it much easier to cut the claws.

Sharp claws

Position for cutting your cat’s claws

It is important that your cat is comfortable when trying to cut the animal’s claws. If the cat is comfortable, it will probably not want to move, not even if you start cutting its claws. One of the best positions is that it sits in your lap with your stomach / chest away from you. However, all cats are the same, so find a position that works for you.

Use the right tools

You need to choose a good claw mower or pliers. It should be sharp, short and stable. The more movements you make to cut your cat’s claws, the more restless it will become. Small claw mowers are usually the best option, especially if you have not done this before. There are also guillotine-style mowers that you insert a clone into and get a nice, straight cut.

Calm cat gets its claws clipped

It is not a bad idea to have something that stops the blood flow in case you should have a small accident.

Start cutting your cat’s claws

When you have done all of the above, it is now time to cut the cat’s claws. It may not let you cut everyone at once, but do not worry. When you get another chance to pick up the cat and put it in your lap, you can start where you left off.

Do not forget to give it candy. It must associate the reward with claw cutting – it will make it so much easier in the future.

It takes a lot of patience to maintain the hygiene of their animals,  but it is a big part of keeping them healthy. If you follow these practical tips, it will be much easier to cut your cat’s claws. So what are you waiting for? Give them a try!

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