Tips On How To Take Care Of A Blind Dog

Tips on how to care for a blind dog

Whether it is due to an illness or whether it is congenital, you may have a blind dog who would appreciate if you followed the tips below. In addition, it is also a good idea to remember that their senses, such as smell and hearing, are very well developed in many cases.

As the years go by, your pet’s senses may deteriorate, especially its sight and hearing. You may think it is a problem to have a  blind dog, but the truth is that  its life can continue almost  as usual.

In any case, this is the case as long as you are aware of certain things,  such as not leaving things in front of him that he may stumble upon. So keep reading this article to learn some tips that can help you take care of him.

Of course  , having a dog that has become blind due to age or illness is not the same as having a dog that was born blind. There is also a difference between a dog that has lived in your home since he was a puppy and a dog that has just moved in.

Whatever the case, it is important that you offer him everything he needs and that his life is as calm and comfortable as possible. Pay attention to the following tips for caring for a blind dog:

1. Do not be overprotective

An owner’s first reaction to a blind animal is to protect it from all danger. Unfortunately, most owners do not know that this behavior can be harmful to the dog. Even if the animal does not see, it can still live happily and independently . Dogs are not aware of their new state and adapt by developing their other senses. Also, do not forget that dogs use their sense of smell and hearing for many more situations than humans do.

Therefore, let him do things like play, search around and sleep whenever he wants. Life continues to be just as usual for your dog, except for one “detail”: blindness.

2. Make small changes in the home

Do not refurnish the entire home to prevent your pet from hitting or tripping over things. Do not forget that your dog has already lived a long time in your home and surely the surroundings can memorize.

Blind dog on the floor

Of course, you should remove anything that may be harmful to your pet. However, everything else can stay in the same place. Always try to keep it clean and tidy, and block the stairs if you have one so that he does not fall down for it.

3. Leave things in the same place

Dogs need routine, whether they are blind or not, to remain calm and obedient. Therefore, you should not move his things: bed, food bowl, water bowl, toys, etc. This helps him get used to his surroundings and get around the house.

It’s also good to play with him just like you always did. For example, when you come home from work or when you water the plants. So do not let him get depressed because he is bored and does not get any attention. He’s no more handicapped than you make him.

4. Take him to the park

One of the most common mistakes that owners of a blind dog make is to never take the dog outdoors due to concerns for their safety. However, it is very important for a blind dog to have contact with others in a  park or in an open area.

Blind dog outdoors

See it from the bright side: it is a perfect environmental change for the dog, who can get rid of energy, have fun and be happy. Go out with him on a leash and pay attention as you cross the street to avoid problems. You will always be his guide  and eyes.

5. Stimulate the other senses

Having a blind dog is definitely a challenge, and sometimes you may not know what to do. You should teach him to use his senses as smell and hearing, so that he is not too dependent on you. By developing both senses, he will not notice the difference between now and what it was like before he went blind.

Offer him things with your smell on them. Let him lie on your blankets and talk loud and clear to him. Let him know that you are close before you pat him so that he does not get scared. Some people carry something that makes a little noise to let the dog know that they are nearby.

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