Tips For Keeping Dog Food Fresh Longer

Tips for keeping dog food fresh longer

If your dog’s food sometimes gets bad and you do not know how to keep the dog food fresh, there are many tips you can take advantage of. The first is to empty the contents of the package into a better container.

We must remember that dog food has ingredients that are broken down when they come in contact with the environment. Think about what would happen to our own food, such as cakes that were in the package for location.

Full food bowl
  • It is important to get enough food for two weeks, a maximum of one month, but no longer.
  • Just as with food that is for our human family members, we need to check the expiration date of the food we buy for our animal.
  • Once purchased , we should store the food in the same box or bag for as long as we can. When we have opened the package, it should be closed as well as possible to avoid contact with the surroundings, or poured into a more suitable package.
  • If possible, we can place an opened box or bag in an airtight container. This container should in turn be placed in a cool, dry place according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • It is important to protect these products from the sun, as it can accelerate degradation.
  • When it’s time to eat, there are bowls that help slow down the dog’s eating, which reduces the risk of indigestion and obesity.

Large bags of dog food are cheaper than small ones if you compare the price per kilo. The important thing, however, is that we can keep the food fresh, because otherwise we may need to throw it away.

The first is to calculate how long the bag will last and check the expiration date. For example, if an animal eats 300 g a day and we buy a bag of 15 kg, it will last for 50 days. The dog food must therefore not go out of date before that.

If our dog friend has very demanding taste buds, we must keep in mind that flavors and aromas decrease in intensity from the moment the bag is opened. The last kilos will therefore not be as good as the first.

As I said, it is important to protect the dog food in a container that keeps it well insulated from moisture, oxygen, heat and direct sunlight. The best material for keeping dog food fresh is metal or glass. However, many types of plastic can also work well.

The place we store the food must be dark and cool. Placing a bag or container on the floor is often good for its durability. It is also acceptable to place a piece of wood or platform with wood underneath. It will keep the container well insulated from moisture and keep it ventilated.

Moisture causes mold, which in turn not only destroys the taste of food, but can also create dangerous toxins for our dog’s health.

When it comes to canned wet food , it often has a very long lifespan as long as the jar remains closed. Once open, it must be consumed within a maximum of three days. We must also take out the contents and place it in a container with a lid in the refrigerator.

This will prevent it from drying out or smelling bad.

Dog with candy

Sweets must be stored properly in accordance with what is stated on the packaging. Those that come in bags with an airtight seal do not need another container to be kept fresh. However, if they come in nylon bags or boxes, it is advisable to transfer them to an airtight container. It will retain its flavor and prevent them from drying out.

The most important thing is not to accumulate too much food.

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