Tips For Breeding Canaries In A Good Way

There are several things that are necessary when it comes to breeding canaries. For example, these issues need a specific type of cage to complete the mating process. Initially, you need to keep the two birds separate, so you will need dual equipment.
Tips for breeding canaries in a good way

Canaries have long lived among humans and have been kept as pets for many years. Today, many people have them in their homes, and breeding canaries has become something of a hobby.

To breed canaries, you need to follow a few simple steps:


Even if you probably already have a cage, it  will not be adapted to breed canaries. If you want to make one, you need to get one that is specially designed for this purpose. They have a divider in the middle so that the two birds can not see each other, but only hear.

Yellow canary

This divider consists of two parts – an opaque and a grille. Both play an important role in breeding canaries, which we will talk about later in the article.

Choose your canaries

After analyzing their behavior, choose two that you want to pair. Remember that  their physical traits  will affect how the cubs grow. So be sure to choose a pair with the color, beauty and shape that you want. This is very important because there are several variations.

Two canaries

Have everything ready for them

Do not wait until you have chosen the  birds to prepare everything. Remember that you now need two water bottles, two feeding stations and duplicates of everything else that canaries need.

Do not forget that females  need a source of calcium – such as an octopus bone – and pellet food for canaries. When everything is ready, you can start pairing them.

Help them start mating

The first thing you need to do is put the birds on each side of the cage, with the two sections in the middle –  an opaque and a grid. However, you can only use the opaque one. Keep the birds separated for 10-15 days, so that they can listen to but not see each other. By doing so, you can arouse their interest in each other.

When this period is over  , you can remove the opaque divider, but leave the grille. Then let them spend another 10-15 days separated. During this, you should feed the female with pellet food so that she gets used to it.

The time has come

After a month  , it’s finally time to remove the divider and leave the canaries together. Their interest in each other will have grown so much that they will not waste any time, but mate immediately, which can take up to two weeks.

When the birds have started to mate, make sure that they have all the material they need to make a nest, so that the female can lay her eggs.

As you can see, breeding canaries does not have to be complicated. By following these steps, you will have little chicks in no time.

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