The Young Man Who Risked His Life To Save A Dog

The young man who risked his life to save a dog

We often hear bad news about organizations that steal animals or organize dog fights, but there is also much more fun news about sacrifice and heroism. We will tell a story from Peru when the country went through a natural disaster and a young man risked his life to save a dog.

This happened in Punta Negra, south of Lima (Peru). A dog was being dragged by the water on the Huaycoloro and Rimac rivers.  An avalanche had been triggered and affected the water levels in the local watercourses.

The young man did not hesitate to dive into the snow, water, rocks and debris to save the animal. He managed to reach the dog and picked it up on dry land.

A rescue team had arrived at the scene before, but since the dog was completely terrified, it had moved even further into the water. The first rescue service was therefore not so successful.

It was then that the anonymous hero came to the scene, and he managed to save the dog even though he put himself in danger.

The animals are the silent victims of natural disasters

Since mid-January 2017, a phenomenon known as the Corriente del Niño Costero had affected both Peru and Ecuador. Peru is heavily affected by rain, landslides and rivers.

By the end of March, 98 people had died and nearly 900,000 people had been affected by the phenomenon. There were also a lot of cattle that had died.

When there are wars or natural disasters, the animals are often the invisible victims, and that is why we want to show that there are also good people like this young man, who chose to save a dog.

Pets and earthquakes

Here at My Animals , we also think that one should address how the animals are affected during these tragedies. Here are some other examples we would like to address:

  • A dog refused to leave his home even when it was completely destroyed.
  • Pets that survive in prey for several days until they are finally rescued.
  • A dog that did not want to be separated from the owner’s coffin. The owner had died due to an earthquake.

We have also discussed how different organizations help animals that have become homeless, injured or lost on the street.

Other heroes worth mentioning

It is good to address what both groups and individuals do to help vulnerable animals. In some cases, they even risk their own lives, as in the case of our hero in Peru. Here are some other examples of brave people:

  • The Iranian soldier who lost a leg when he rescued a dog that was stuck on a fence at a minefield.
  • The young British woman who dived into a frozen lake to save a dog. The dog had fallen into the water when the thin ice broke.
  • There are many who do not hesitate to smash car windows to save pets that are close to dying from heat stroke. There are also people who jump over fences to save animals that are treated badly.

There are also stories about dogs and cats that help people in many different ways.

Keep reading our articles and to take part in more fantastic stories.

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