The Story Behind The Cats In The Alhambra: A Happy Story

The Alhambra is full of history, but there is also something else that attracts millions of tourists to this monument every year: the cats of the Alhambra.
The story behind the cats in the Alhambra: A happy story

The Alhambra is one of the most symbolic monuments in Spain. It has been around for centuries, and is the cradle of Arab culture. It is full of history thanks to the fact that the Moors, who fought against Christians when they tried to regain their territories, once hid there. But apart from that, there is something else that the tourists who visit can not help but notice: the cats in the Alhambra.

As soon as you walk through the door you will see hundreds of cats streaming through this Arabian castle. But how do tourists and locals view these creatures?

The cats in the Alhambra are respected and well cared for

You may think that pets miss many things when they live in a monument. That would also be the case here if the Alhambra were a normal monument. But it is not: it is an airy castle and palace area full of fountains, gardens, trees and even small rivers. For cats, it’s a paradise!

For these cats, the Alhambra is their home. They roam freely without asking anyone for permission. Best of all, no one is bothering them. We interviewed an employee at the castle to ask why the cats live there, and what to do to protect and care for them. This is how he answered:

Believe it or not, but these cats have not been here that long. One day a kitten just showed up, and no one knew where it came from. Although the Alhambra is huge, we eventually realized that different employees had seen her every day – she had started living here!

Later another cat appeared. Maybe he was in love with the kitten – who knows? Before we knew it we had a pregnant cat. Since that day, kittens have just kept popping up everywhere. But not all cats are born here, as some appeared as adults.

To take care of the cats

Initially, we had someone in charge of giving the cats food and water. But later we realized that most of the tourists loved the cats and that they always fed them. With that food, plus the water from the hundreds of fountains, cats get more than enough nutrition.

All employees know the cats. They have been ordered to report if they see a sick cat, so that he can get proper veterinary care, which the company pays for.

When we have kittens, we make sure that they have proper protection and a comfortable place where they can be with their mothers. We have very cold winters here, so we understand that they need more help during that season. We are happy that we can give help !

On the other hand, the whole area is full of cameras that are always monitored by security guards. If someone is stupid towards one of the cats, or worse, tries to harm it, the guards will reprimand the person. Depending on the seriousness of the crime, the perpetrator can be punished.

A bunch of cats are waiting for food.

The wonderful cats

We were surprised, and very happy, to know that there are people who take care of animals in this way. They are a fine example of true goodness and kindness that we should all strive to imitate.

The cats in the Alhambra have now become another tourist attraction. They are good at attracting the attention of tourists! This monument was undoubtedly already worth seeing, but today it is even better – it is a pure cat paradise. We love it!

If you’ve ever been to Granada, Spain, be sure to visit this monument. UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in 1984. While enjoying the World Heritage Site, you can enjoy well-groomed and beloved cats.

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