The Mysterious Curly Horse: Good For Allergy Sufferers

The mysterious curly horse: good for allergy sufferers

Horses are amazing animals. One of their most prominent features is the shiny coat that comes in many different colors and patterns. That is why the mysterious curly horse is such an interesting breed.

Its woolly curls make it different from all other horse breeds.

Continue reading to learn more about this beautiful animal and its history.

The origin of the curly horse: a short story

“Curly Horse” is just one of its many names. Some call it Bashkir Curly, American Bashkir Curly or simply “curly”.

Some believe it comes from the Iberian Peninsula. Others believe it was originally a wild horse in the Rocky Mountains, USA.

There are also some stories that say that this breed is much older than you think. References that mention this horse have been dated as far back as the 200s, but it is not known how accurate these sources are.

There are also documents describing how one of Emperor Taizong’s horses was known for his curly fur. According to history, it was called Quanmagogua (“locking”), which was a reference to this special property.

Here’s another fun fact: if you visit the emperor’s tomb (which is a popular monument these days), you’ll be able to see carved images of some of his horses. These horses were used in battle between 636-649 AD.

Curly horse in the snow.

The Curly horse became famous again many years later through the work of Charles Darwin. This British researcher came up with an interesting theory regarding the link between the coat and the shape of the hooves.

He also mentioned that there could be curly horses in Russia and talked about how people bred them in Los Angeles.

Many indigenous peoples, such as the Sioux, saw curly horses as mysterious animals. The European colonizers, however, saw them as ugly precisely because they were curly.

The curly horse’s appearance and temperament

The first thing you notice when it comes to this horse is of course its thick and curly fur. It can have one, two or three colors and different types of patterns.

The experts also believe that it is a curly horse if it has those famous “hooves with a zebra pattern”.

It is a medium-sized horse with a muscular body and neat hooves. At the same time, it is very flexible.

The tail is generally not too high up on the body and the hips are not too wide, which helps the horse with the posture. It has dark almond-shaped eyes.

The curly horse has a balanced and active personality. If you train it in the right way, it will be very willing to learn.

Horse running.

As with other horses, curly horses are extremely intelligent and sensitive. They can form deep bonds with the owners and are very social with other animals.

In addition to the basic care, they also need a lot of physical and mental stimulation.

Why does the mysterious curly horse have curly fur?

This unique trait of the mysterious curly horse is due to a genetic mutation that probably arose as an adaptive response to the climate it originally came from. The curly coat gave it extra protection against the cold.

Strangely enough, short-haired curly horses do not necessarily have curly hair. In that case, they have a more undulating coat than the other species, but without curls. The curls are instead mostly visible around the ears, mane and tail.

It is also common for these horses to lose the thicker coat during the summer due to the heat. As winter begins to approach, it grows again so that the horse can cope with the cold.

This not only makes it a very interesting horse. The coat also makes it a hypoallergenic horse, which is good for owners, riders and other people with allergies.

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