The Most Intelligent Dog Breeds In The World

The most intelligent dog breeds in the world

All dogs have a look that can make people love them, but the most intelligent dog breeds can do so much more than just pick up a ball or the owner’s shoes.

Many dogs also have occupations. Some are police dogs, actors, circus dogs, guide dogs and therapy dogs. It is not by chance that certain types of dogs are preferred for specific tasks, but it depends on their learning ability and how they can respond to commands.

When you want to rank something, you must set parameters to be able to compare test results. In the case of dogs, the ranking is based on the work done by Stanley Coren. Coren developed a research method in order to evaluate the obedience and performance of over 130 dog breeds in order to succeed in ranking the most intelligent dog breeds.

The Border Collie is one of the most intelligent dog breeds.

He addresses this in his book “The Intelligence of Dogs” . Coren divided the 80 highest ranked dogs into 6 large groups, where the criterion was “How many times do you have to give the dog a command before it performs the task voluntarily?”

It is important to clarify that the ranking is only based on these two criteria, ie. obedience and work performance.

Border collie

The collie is not only beautiful, but is also at the top of the list. It is a breed that has a lot of energy, good learning ability and a lot of courage, which makes it perfect for herding sheep. Collies are great for entertaining children, but keep in mind that they need a lot of space.


Poodles are easy to train and very obedient dogs. They have learned to learn tricks and are therefore widely used in circuses. They love to be petted and have a lot of energy. Another advantage of poodles is that they are very social, which makes them perfect to have in big cities.


These dogs are internationally known as police dogs. The German German Shepherd is one of the most caring and intelligent dogs. They are physically enduring and loyal, and have therefore traditionally been used by the military.

Golden retriever

Golden Retriever is a kind-hearted dog with thick and shiny fur. It is kind, sympathetic, playful and patient, which makes it a perfect dog for both adults and children.

It is easy to learn and therefore works well as a working dog. Retrievers are used in social programs for autistic children, to detect drugs, during rescue missions, etc.


Dobermann is a physically fast dog that is also easy to learn and take commands. The dobermann and pit bull breeds are known as angry dogs, but in reality they are intelligent, full of energy and caring. Unfortunately, they have gained their bad reputation from being guard dogs on plantations and farms.

Shetland sheepdog (shetie)

There are very few people who know this dog. Nevertheless, it is high on our list. It is perfect as a watchdog and companion dog.

Labrador retriever

The Labrador is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. It is also one of the most docile. A Labrador behaves just like a puppy and it is therefore perfect as a family dog.

Intelligent labrador with tongue out.

It has traditionally been used to hunt waterfowl and is therefore very good at swimming. It is intelligent, extremely loyal and can handle complex tasks, such as detecting bombs and drugs.

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