The Many Dangers Of Cutting Your Dog’s Vocal Cords

Even if dogs and cats do not talk, they can communicate by yelling or barking. The damage caused by the amputation of their vocal cords is very serious, and it seems that the laws are not in favor of animals.
The many dangers of cutting your dog's vocal cords

Barking can be very annoying, even to people who live nearby, like your neighbors. This is why some people decide to cut their dog’s vocal cords, but what damage does this procedure cause?

Many people think that because animals do not have the ability to speak, they do not need vocal cords. They only make sounds, which can be very annoying when you hear it in excessive amounts.

But people forget that the sounds that the animals make are a form of communication. You could say it’s their own way of talking. Unfortunately, many judges have ruled in favor of people who complained of constant barking by sentencing some dogs to have their vocal cords clipped.

A real case

This applies to Karen Szewc and John Updegraff, who live on raising cattle, guarded by Tibetan mastiffs. It took several of these dogs to breed and protect the sheep, which of course make up their livelihood.

Because these dogs lived outdoors and were unlimited, their barking became more frequent and intense, so much so that it annoyed their neighbors, Debra and Dale Krein.

And this couple received support from the county they lived in. The county said that the noises coming from the mastiffs broke the city rules and that the dogs would continue to do so because the dog owners “collected” more puppies.

A dog protects sheep

Although Szewc appealed the allegations, claiming that her dogs were her employees who were watching over her assets so that she could live, the matter went to court and the complaints continued. Neighbors claimed that the couple who owned the dogs only apologized and did nothing to solve the problem.

As animal lovers, we wonder if the law has really cared about and protected these animals, as well as for the benefit of the public. Szewc said that if her dogs could not help her protect the cattle, she would have to buy a weapon, and we all know what might happen next…

As expected, this initiative spread  to social media, where people pointed out that this was nothing more than a form of animal cruelty, and that it was unthinkable for a judge or any other law enforcement official to allow such cruelty.

At present, this has not led to any positive results for the fight for animal rights. In fact, many judges have judged in the same way as mentioned above. However, animal welfare organizations and other organizations that strive for animal welfare continue to fight for animal rights.

The truth is that these surgeries should not even exist, as they cause a lot of harm to our pets.

A sad dog

Every part of your body and the bodies of your pets exist for a reason and have a function. Therefore, the elimination of any part is nothing less than an amputation. This is something that lawyers need to understand.

Below are the harmful effects of cutting a dog’s vocal cords:

  • Depression  because communication is now impossible.
  • Possible postoperative infections.
  • Fear, nervous dogs  because they will not be able to bark to defend themselves and will be intimidated by others
  • Aggressive behavior. Since they have no other way to get your attention, they will do so by biting or nibbling.
  • Traumatized pets. Because it is an unnecessary operation, the animal will be traumatized and depressed. As if that is not enough, the animal may develop anxiety.

As animal lovers, we hope to win such cases soon, but the best thing we can do is learn how to control our dogs’ barking. This can help so that we will not experience more of these problems.

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