The Health Risks Of Obesity In Dogs

Obesity is a major source of health problems in humans. It can lead to heart disease, diabetes, joint problems, etc. But keep in mind that the animals are exposed to exactly the same risks when we give them too much food and not enough exercise.
The health risks of obesity in dogs

This article will be about the many different health risks of obesity in dogs and how to avoid this problem. But how do you define obesity in dogs?

Dog suffering from obesity

Obesity is simply excess weight caused by too much body fat. It is caused by poor diet and can lead to heart disease, diabetes, joint problems and arthritis. It also leads to even more sedentary and limited mobility.

Obesity in dogs is measured just like in humans, which means that 20% higher weight than the ideal weight is considered overweight.

Obesity in dogs and respiratory problems

One of the first problems for overweight dogs is difficulty breathing. The fat that accumulates around the abdomen presses against the diaphragm and impairs its function.

Furthermore, the heart struggles to pump blood and distribute it to different parts of the body because the body is now disproportionate. As a consequence, the heart pressure increases and thus the risk of heart attack and chest pain.

If an overweight dog undergoes surgery, the excess weight can be a risk factor that reduces the chance of survival. Furthermore,  there are cases of sterility  and serious problems with the birth of bitches.

Difficulty walking: one of the problems with obesity in dogs

Obesity in dogs can also lead to problems with muscles and joints because the animal has to carry more weight than it should. This can lead to meniscus injuries, tendinitis, arthritis and a number of other problems.

These will make it difficult for the dog to maintain a good quality of life.

Obesity also creates difficulties for the legs, which can break and even prevent the animal from walking. If obesity is not prevented or remedied, the dog’s expected life expectancy will be much shorter.

The dog Obie and his willpower

Maybe you know that your dog is overweight and  is afraid of any problems it may lead to. Do not worry – there is a solution!

Overweight pug

Not so long ago,  we came across a story about a dog whose owner fed him persistently  without realizing that he was putting on a lot of weight.

This dog’s weight became so high that his stomach almost hung further down than his legs. Admittedly, his legs were quite short because he was a dachshund. Had the feeding continued, he would soon have had to roll around.

One day a friend of the family realized what was going on and intervened. He took Obie to a specialist who developed an appropriate diet plan. Furthermore, he received an exercise schedule to be able to lose around 25 kg.

Afterwards  , he underwent surgery to remove excess skin,  and finally Obie was able to continue his life as a healthy, happy dog.

Sometimes ignorance and misguided “kindness” make us give our animals everything they want, which makes them overweight without us realizing it.

As owners, however, we must take responsibility for our animals and realize that they have instincts that make them continue to eat as long as there is food. It is our duty to check the right amount of food for our animals with regard to breed and age.

Furthermore  , they need to get daily exercise and stimulation so that they can develop their muscles and burn excess calories.

Your pet’s well-being depends on you and it’s never okay to make it overweight just to feel the satisfaction of “pampering” it.

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