The Five Animals That Sleep The Most

There are animals that have to sleep almost around the clock, mainly because of the type of food they eat, which forces them to save energy.
The five animals that sleep the most

Pictures of sleeping animals are some of the most appreciated on social media. It is as if we are drawn to these dormant beauties. Did you know that some animals sleep for up to 22 hours a day? Want to know which animals sleep the most in the animal kingdom? Let’s take a look at it.

Koala bears

Koala bears are the ultimate sleepers and therefore deserve first place on this list. The koala bear – seen in the main image of this article – is originally from Australia and can sleep up to 22 hours a day.

They spend most of the day in a tree and only come down when temperatures drop. In summer , they look for taller trees with enough leaves to protect them, whether they are edible or not.

When winter comes, they need shorter, more leafy trees that protect them from the cold. This is because it gets colder the higher up you are.

Here comes an interesting fact: koala bears do not sleep out of necessity, but out of pleasure. That’s why they get grumpy when they wake up.


Who better than the sloth to pinch second place on this list? They are capable of sleeping 20 hours a day! Unlike the koala , the sloth lives in the same tree until it has to go down and make its way. It buries its feces and then looks for a new tree. This happens once a month.

Sloths take a nap

Despite its name, the sloth is a hard-working animal. The reason they are slow is because they have very limited energy. Therefore, they save energy when they really need it. This is why they are capable of attacking like a cat if they are in danger.

Their sleep hours are justified by this need to save energy.


This strange animal, also called the belt, comes from Central and South America. Its shell covers the entire body, including the legs, tail and ears. It comes in third place because it sleeps up to 19 hours daily.

Armadillos carry a lot of weight

The hours of sleep are justified by the great weight it carries around during the day. Its shell can weigh up to three times more than the rest of the body. No wonder they need their beauty sleep!

Can you imagine lugging around your triple body weight for days on end? Wow!

Pouch rat

This marsupial pinches a shared second place with the armadillo thanks to its up to 19 hours of sleep per day. Despite its size and agility in the trees, it is slow and clumsy. It therefore spends most of its time in trees, awake and asleep.

Pouch rat on a walk

Maybe it sleeps so much because of all the climbing and jumping from tree to tree. It must be hard and hard for this little crab, right?


From 19 hours to 16 hours per day, which is what lemurs need to stay active for the rest of the day. They say that in order to make full use of the day, it should be divided into three 8-hour sessions, but the lemurs do not agree.

They prefer to divide the day into two parts: a double portion of sleep and a portion to eat and do other things.

Lemurs in trees

They are native to Madagascar and are known as one of the smallest primates. It may be the tropical heat that makes them sleep so much. However, living and jumping from tree to tree would make anyone pompous, regardless of the climate.

These are the five animals that sleep the most in nature. Hopefully you did not yawn while reading this article… good night!

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