The Fate Of Mexico’s Retired Police Dogs Becomes Brighter

Service dogs can live long after they retire
The fate of Mexico's retired police dogs is brightening

Animals are a great help to the police and the military in practically all countries in the world. However, they all come to a point where it is time to retire. Sometimes, however, retired police dogs cannot find the home they deserve. Therefore, Mexico has launched a new system to help police dogs who are retiring.

According to Renato Sales Heredia, Mexico’s security commissioner, police dogs will be able to live with a family when they retire. Of course, it has always been possible to find a home for most of the old dogs in different ways, including with the trainers and colleagues, but not all police dogs have always had the same turn.

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The first generation of retired police dogs in Mexico begins with Rosty. He is a police dog with nine years of impeccable work and trained as a drug dog in Colombia. As federal police Jorge Luis de Aquino says, many police dogs have been killed after leaving service. Fortunately, this has now changed.

The police dog belonging to the police King David Villalobos, Tokyo, may come to live with his partner. Villalobos has two little daughters who can hardly wait to take him home and give him all the love and care he deserves during his last years of life – and it may be worth mentioning that these dogs retire at 9 or 10 years of age but can live up to 5 or 6 more years.

Both Tokyo and his partner Rey have survived many dangerous situations in their fight against the drug cartels. Tokyo has special skills that include finding drugs, sniffing out hidden money and illegal weapons.

Another story is about the dog Claudia. She is a black Labrador retriever who has been a loyal companion to police Carmen Durán for 9 years. Together, they have investigated more than 30 bomb threats in 2009 alone, and all this after surviving an attack by organized criminals in a public place in the city of Morelia. This was during the celebration of the anniversary of Mexico’s independence.

The future of these dogs

Dogs that cannot accompany their old colleagues home end up in the  Asociación Canófila de México, which will be responsible for finding a suitable adoptive family for the dog. As Manelich Cartilla Craviotto says, “these dogs were just a tool for the institution and were treated accordingly.”

But now they are recognized for what they are: dog police that exist for the safety of citizens. Therefore, they have the right to a good continued life after retiring. From now on, anyone who wants to adopt an old police dog in Mexico can do so.

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Since 2014, the voluntary organization Retired Dogs 112 has worked with police dogs. Their job is to find suitable homes for the dogs when they retire. Brian’s story is one of the most emotional. He worked for many years but eventually had to give his younger colleagues a place because of his physical health.

This beautiful black-haired German Shepherd had worked on several high-risk assignments with the Spanish police. Eventually, Raphael and his family adopted him. This is thanks to the decision of voluntary organizations to help retired dogs meet families that can give them a home.

According to Rafael, born in Barcelona, ​​his children saw the dog as a policeman and a real hero. When he finally ended up with the family , it only took him two months to get used to life as a pet.

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