The Famous Dog Pancho Dies At The Age Of 16

The true story of his long life deserves attention.
The famous dog Pancho dies at the age of 16

Perhaps people who have not lived in Spain know the dog Pancho – a jack russel terrier that has been known among Spaniards since he was a puppy. Pancho was an actor and protagonist in many commercials and commercials on television.

In this article we want to pay tribute to this lovely and fun dog. Unfortunately, it’s for a sad reason: the dog Pancho  left us some time ago at the age of 16. Today we want to tell you more about him and his TV career.

Jack russel terrier

His real name was actually Cook. However, Spaniards like their traditions and probably would not have remembered a name like Cook. For this reason, he will always be remembered as the dog Pancho.

Pancho became famous thanks to a popular commercial for the national lottery, where he stole a winning lottery ticket from its owner and became a millionaire. We later got to see him spend the money by traveling around the world. He relaxed in a hammock in the Maldives or adorned with a fur hat in Moscow.

The commercials were very funny and appreciated, and we got to see Pancho in many different outfits. People even started betting on which destination he would visit next.

And that’s how he became famous. Soon TV channels began to consider him for other roles, but now it was Pancho who held the reins. He chose according to his own taste what roles he wanted.

The first project he accepted was in the film aptly named “Pancho, the millionaire dog”, which was aimed at children. It followed the same action as the commercials that made the dog Pancho a household name. The film was a great success among both adults and children.

He later starred in a famous TV series called “AquĆ­ no hay quien viva” (Nobody lives here). There he played a dog belonging to an elderly woman and also a virgin  who was still looking for the love of his life. According to her, this love was her sister’s husband, whom her sister stole from her.

Pancho was always in the middle of her quarrel and was even used by the neighbors to blackmail her. He was kidnapped and they demanded a ransom for him. It was a very fun series that the dog gilded extra much.

On May 19, 2016, this beautiful jack russel terrier passed away for natural reasons,  leaving a big hole in the hearts of Spaniards. But they will all remember the dog Pancho, because he was a part of their lives, childhood and memories.

A Scottish collie

There are many dogs that have been a part of our lives through the TV screens, not only in Spain, but internationally. Do you remember the following?

  • Lassie:  who can forget this collie that had its own TV series that made us both laugh and cry?
  • Frank:  this beautiful pug was in the Men in Black movies.
  • Hachi:  a fine Alaskan malamute who filled our eyes with tears because of the loyalty he showed to his owner during his last days.
  • Beethoven:  Saint Bernard the dog who got away with a lot of mischief in a movie that also bore his name. Another fond childhood memory for many.
  • Rex:  his strong body and proud attitude is something we will never forget in this beautiful German Shepherd, who played a police dog in the series “Rex”.
  • Marley: the  movie “Marley & I” with Jennifer Aniston filled our hearts with emotions and made us shed a tear.

Many dogs have appeared in the box to gild our day and fill our senses with memories. We will never forget them.

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