The Dog Oscar And His Inspiring Story

The dog Oscar and his inspiring story

When it comes to moving away from home, there is one thing you must never leave: your pet. Your pet is a family member, so how can you leave it? This is something no one should even consider! And that’s why the dog Oscar and his story became so famous.

If you have never heard this touching story before, you can now read it here on My Animals .

Oscar is a dog that lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a nice, 11 month old boxer who lives with his owner Benjamín and his wife Cristina. From the first moment Oscar came into their home, the environment has been much happier.

The three formed a family, and they all loved and protected each other.

Just like any other dog, Oscar loves to eat and go for daily walks. He also loves to lie on the couch under a blanket or next to his owners on cold winter evenings.

Oscar has been so lucky to have found such a loving and caring family! But they did not know that life would put sticks in the wheel and that their happiness would be put at risk.

Thanks to a new job and the chance for a better quality of life, Oscar’s owners decided to move to Mexico. They would, of course, bring their four-legged friend. Very playful, they bought tickets, but then came the unpleasant surprise.

Oscar is a brakycephalic animal, which means he has a short, flat nose. This leads to breathing problems from the pressure in the luggage compartment of an aircraft, which can kill him.

Benjamin and Cristina were desperate and did not know what to do. They asked permission to bring Oscar into the cabin with them, but no airlines could allow it.

Another solution was to send him with a shipping company. However, this cost too much money.

Benjamin does not really know what happened. He decided to tell about the dog Oscar in a very touching video. In it he explains to his “son” about the problems they have. In the video, Oscar is seen listening to his master very attentively. It is almost as if the dog understands what is being said.

Benjamin never thought the story would spread that far. It was seen seven million times in just a few days and he gained 70,000 followers on Facebook.

Shortly thereafter, he began receiving supportive messages from all corners of the globe.

They even came from airlines and pilots who said they might be able to find a solution. This has not happened yet, but at least they see a streak of light.

The tenderness Benjamín uses when he speaks to Oscar and explains the problem has affected pet lovers around the world. No one can avoid compassion for their problems. Many of us can look at our pets as individuals, as members of the family.

And the story has a happy ending, because Benjamín finally got in touch with an airline that was willing to let Oscar fly in the cabin.

However, we can not leave you with only part of the story, so here is the introductory video that Benjamín posted. Even though it is in Spanish, we believe that the pictures speak their clear language.

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