The Book Written By A Dog: Linda’s Story

The book written by a dog and tells the sweet story of the dog Linda. Yamila is a Spanish teacher and her life changes overnight with the arrival of her new friend Linda.
The book written by a dog: Linda's story

Although it is hard to believe that a book can be written by a dog, the purpose of this book is to increase awareness of a dog’s experiences. To do this, the authors use a good dose of humor while exploring the situation that many animals living on the streets experience.

Who is the original author?

Yamila and Linda.

Linda Guacharaca is a Creole dog that Yamila Fakhouri, a Spanish teacher at the University of Los Andes, found. While she was out on her daily walk, the teacher encountered this dog lying dying. The dog was half paralyzed after a car ran over her and her hind legs were broken. The vet said there was nothing Yamila could do to help the dog.

However, Yamila wanted to find a solution to the problem and chose to fight for her new friend’s life. She had never had a dog before, and was very anxious to help Linda recover. However, it was not an easy task.

Having to take care of someone else, especially a sick dog, did not really fit into Yamila’s life plans. Because of that, she first considered having the dog adopted. But as she took care of Linda, a strong bond was formed between the two. Yamila eventually decided to keep Linda.

Linda tells her story through the hands of her owner

Yamila faced many problems during the time when she took care of Linda and needed something to release some of the pressure. She discovered that the best way to do this was to return to one of her greatest childhood passions, writing. But if she were to put her own name on the work, she would not be able to formulate everything she wanted to say or in the way she wanted to convey it. She therefore decided to write from the dog Linda’s perspective and personality.

Yamila started a blog called “The world of all fours”, which she dedicated to Linda. Yamila told the story of Linda. She also told how Linda had changed her life since the day she found her. In her stories, the dog tells about her travels, places she has visited, etc.

The book is written by a dog

As Yamila continued to write from Linda’s perspective, the blog gained increasing fame. More and more people read it. Therefore, the “authors” felt that they needed to do something even bigger, so they decided to write a book. As with the blog, they depict Linda’s story from her perspective. It is also a compilation of several true stories, although they may seem fictional.

The book is written in a fun style and with a hopeful perspective. Readers find that it is very different, not only because of the literary presentation, but also because it inspires them to spend more time with their dogs and take them on more trips.

The book and its publication

The actual publication of the book proved to be very difficult. Yamila visited various publishers, but she could not reach an agreement with any of them. Instead, she chose to start a crowdfunding campaign and asked for everyone’s help to publish the interesting book.

The book

Linda out in nature.

This is the first book written by a Colombian Creole dog. The book tells Linda’s story about how she went from being paralyzed and hungry on the street to traveling the world. The book begins: ” My name is Linda, Linda Guacharaca .”

The first paragraph of the book is very significant. We have a translated excerpt here:

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding, or grassroots financing, is a modern way of raising money. People who want to take part in and support a project or an idea do so with financial means.

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