The Bird Dog Cesky Fousek: Characteristics And Personality

The bird dog cesky fousek originally comes from the Kingdom of Bohemia in what is now the Czech Republic.
The bird dog cesky fousek: characteristics and personality

The bird dog cesky fousek is also known as the Czech fousek and is a rough-haired dog breed. It is a loyal and friendly dog ​​breed.

This breed comes from the former kingdom of Bohemia in what is now the Czech Republic, but most people think it is a French dog breed. There are many references in historical documents to 14th century Bohemian dog breeds.

In Eastern Europe, there were turbulent political fluctuations during the early 20th century. When war broke out in the region, the breeding of this breed was stopped.

After the war ended in 1928, Austria-Hungary ceased to exist and a new country, Czechoslovakia, emerged. The bird dog cesky fousek was then almost extinct.

There are still some specimens of this dog even today, and its loyalty and versatility have made it a popular breed.

In 1887 this dog was a common breed. It was inevitable that this breed became so popular, even as the number decreased during World War II.

To the relief of the fans, it regained its place in the hunting context immediately after the war.

Dog sitting in the grass.

Characteristics of the bird dog cesky fousek

The most outstanding feature of this bird dog is without a doubt its beard and mustache. The size and shape of the dog means that it is also perfect as a hunting dog.

The body is quite long and not too high; it can therefore adapt to almost any terrain. It is also very strong and enduring.

The robust slightly curly coat also works well in almost any terrain. The outer coat layer is long and straight with brown marks. The inner layer is thick and soft and protects the animal from the cold.

Personality and temperament

This breed works well both as a pet and as a hunting dog. It is loyal and friendly to the family and also enjoys other dogs, even if it has not seen them before.

These dogs have several skills that make them very popular. They are very good at hunting and they are easy to follow instructions from the hunter.

This dog is also very effective in hunting rats and mice in the house. The bird dog cesky fousek needs a strong owner and does not thrive in small spaces.

Instead, it needs more space and good exercise opportunities.


This bird dog loves most forms of exercise, especially running and jumping. It needs daily exercise to get rid of its energy.

Its ears should be cleaned regularly so that it does not suffer from ear problems. You also need to regularly remove the hairs ear canal.

Brush your hair once or twice a week. Also remove all loose hair at least twice a year.

This dog can live outdoors as long as it has access to a warm space. It has a life expectancy of 12-14 years and rarely suffers from serious diseases.

However, it can affect health conditions such as hip dysplasia and otitis media. It is therefore important that you regularly examine the dog at a veterinarian.

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