The Benefits Of Bringing Pets To Work

The benefits of bringing pets to work

Here at My Animals, we’ve already talked about PetFriendly a few times. This is a technology that companies use to try to help their employees reduce stress and become more efficient. But how does it really work to bring pets to work?

You may itch in your head and wonder how it can work to have an animal in the office. The truth is, though, that the results can be amazing.

Hard working dogs

It was in the United States that this practice really gained momentum – basically anyone who has a hairy friend can take it to the office. This means that dogs are not left alone at home all day, while employees are not distracted by the idea that the dog is alone.

The results were not only positive for those who took the opportunity to bring their animals; even those who did not have pets enjoyed the company of the dogs. Stress levels were even reduced!

Affinity is the name of the company that pioneered this project, and helped prove that almost any situation can be improved by a dog or cat.

After more intensive testing of this system, the positive results are undoubtedly clear. Thanks to this , there is now an earmarked day every year to bring pets to work. It is a tribute to the pets that provide humor and affection in the workplace every day.

The celebration started in the UK and then spread to the US. The day falls on June 24 or the Friday closest to the date. On this day, everyone has the right to bring a pet to the office – at Affinity , however, employees can do it every day.

A university in Virginia, USA, has produced clear results that prove that you get better cooperation and less stress levels by bringing pets to work.

That’s why big companies in the US, such as Amazon , Google and Ben & Jerry’s , let their employees bring their dogs to the office all year round. However, this is not yet a common practice in smaller movements and workplaces.

At the companies where pets are allowed, there are special dog zones where our furry friends can stay if they get a little too lively. It is also a space where they can enjoy the company of other dogs while the employees work.

The benefits of these projects do not only extend to the human participants. The animals that accompany their owners also learn to socialize better and their quality of life increases.

They do not have to feel stressed while waiting for the owner to come home or deal with boredom and loneliness.

Pay attention to dogs

As we said earlier, this day falls on June 24 in the United States and the United Kingdom. However, it has spread to other countries to some extent, which means that it is now international.

The purpose of celebrating this day is to pay tribute to dogs and spread the word about the enormous benefits pets have for humans, and thus also businesses.

The hope is that managers in small and large companies will accept the benefits of letting employees bring their furry friends to the office, of course with respect for people who are allergic or even afraid of certain animals. Will it work? Let’s hope so!

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