The Band An Owner Has For His Dog: How Is It Created?

The leash an owner has for his dog: how is it created?

The band an owner has for his dog is very special. Various studies define the physical and psychological benefits of having a pet. There are also many stories of reconciliations that prove the affection animals have for their owners.

The band an owner has for his dog goes in both directions, and it can be so strong that it influences the heartbeat of both parties. Therefore, animals help reduce stress and anxiety levels in their owners. People who own dogs are at less risk of heart disease.

Dog is petted

There are many studies that show that  our pets can identify when we are sad or sick. Furthermore, they will adopt a behavior that helps to improve our mood.

Among the benefits, it turns out that  people tend to be much more interested in their eating habits  when they are responsible for feeding a pet.

Statistics about dogs and their owners show that  many people who live alone are completely happy because they have an animal friend. Having a dog is without a doubt something that provides the individual with great satisfaction.

It is common for dogs to show responsibility thanks to the understanding, care and feelings they receive.

The leash an owner has for his dog is based on one thing: trust. The animal must have the trust of its owner. As with people, trust is not easy to gain, but easy to lose.

The leash of a dog can be physical and emotional. The physical side consists of the dog seeing the owner as a provider of things that satisfy physical needs. It can be food, drink, convenience and warmth, among other things.

The emotional side is more complicated and can be obtained by playing. Games between dog and owner also teach obedience and let us teach our dogs new things.

An important method of strengthening the leash an owner has for his dog is to pet it. For example, if you pat the dog while sitting at the computer or watching TV, the animal will notice your lack of attention. The dog needs your full attention when you pet it.

Another important guideline is to call your dog and then start the interaction by petting it. Calling the dog by its name also strengthens the bond between you.

Recent experiments performed by researchers at the Department of Animal Science and Biotechnology at Azabu University (Japan). These studies have shown that the hormone oxytocin creates connections as strong as those formed at the biological level between parents and children.

The visual contact established between a dog and its owner  strengthens their emotional bond. The conclusions from the study are clear: humans and dogs strengthen their biological connections in a nervous system driven by oxytocin. It works and is built in the same way as between individuals in the same family.

Dog with owner

Dogs are social animals and the relationship a dog has with its owner is one of the most important issues for its life. A good relationship with the dog begins the moment it enters the house for the first time. If you picked up your dog at an adoption center, the intensity of the relationship will start from that moment.

The special bond between man and his best friend  lies in the hormonal process that is activated when we look at each other. It’s a bit like the bond between a mother and her children.

Oxytocin can also act as a neurotransmitter in the brain. It is considered to play an important role in the recognition and establishment of social ties. And in the same way in the formation of a relationship characterized by trust between people and their pets.

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