Teach Your Dog To Come On Call With These Tips

Constant training and positive reinforcement are the best ways to get the dog to come on call. This command is extremely important, especially in dangerous situations.
Teach your dog to come on call with these tips

Shouting at your dog is one of the most basic commands you can anchor in it. Some dogs learn on their own, while others have a harder time getting it done. If one of your dogs is having difficulty, check out the following tips to facilitate training. This way, your dog will come on call.

Of all the commands, the most important is to get the dog to come on call. It is not only about signaling to the dog that it is time to leave the park, but is also important in a dangerous situation.

This is why it is good to teach your dog to come by call. It is best to start as early as possible and make sure it listens to you 100% of the time. You will never know when you really need it.

Puppies learn very fast, and this is a command they must follow throughout life. But do not worry if your adult dog has not learned yet, because it will eventually do so. Dogs never stop learning : if your puppy is over five years old, it will still be able to learn the command.

If you want to make sure that the dog comes at command, you should associate it with a positive experience. This command should be so pleasant that your dog stops his activity and comes to you. This is why  positive reinforcement is such an important command, so reward your dog every time it follows your instructions.

Positive reinforcement

You can use many things as a reward, but the most satisfying thing is to offer food. Cribs such as sausages, dried meat or dog treats are one of the most common. It does not always have to be the same. You get to try your hand at figuring out what your dog prefers.

Do not scold the dog when it makes a mistake ; A timed mistakes is part of the learning process. If it is not aware of when it’s doing wrong, how does it know when it’s doing something right? Be patient the first few times you try to train it and focus on the dog as it follows your instructions.

To anchor a call , you need to use a light word when the dog is coming. The most common word is “come”, but anything works. Use only one word and make sure the rest of your family uses the same word.

To teach the dog the command , say the arbitrary word once followed by the dog’s name. When the dog arrives, you reward it. Do not wait for it to sit or ask for it. Reward the dog as soon as it arrives on call. That way, it will associate your command with a reward, nothing else.

Dog with stick

Follow these two steps to teach your dog this command:

Start training at home with your dog just a few feet apart. It makes it easier for it to understand what you want and there will be fewer distractions.

  1. Say the arbitrary word, followed by the dog’s name.
  2. If the dog does not listen, try other words, sounds or movements.
    Remember to only give the command once. If it is repeated, the dog will only be confused.
  3. As soon as the dog comes to you, reward it.

Step back a few steps and repeat the procedure. After a few successful attempts, the dog will understand that your word means that it should come. Once you have set up the command and the dog has a habit of starting to walk towards you, you are ready for the next step.

This step is done at home, but you will need help from family or friends. Sit in a circle in a large room or divide yourself so that you cover several rooms. Explain how the command works and ask them to take turns commanding at random. Make sure your dog goes to each person when calling.

For remember :

  • Only recommend once. You can use other words, sounds or movements to get the dog’s attention.
  • Reward as soon as the dog arrives on call.

If you do this a couple of times , your dog will get used to it. That’s when you start exercising outdoors. Increase the difficulty level gradually. You start training indoors one by one with the dog, then in a group, afterwards at slightly larger intervals between each other.

come by call

When you start exercising outdoors, it is important to stay in one place without many distractions or people nearby. Then increase the distance between them. As soon as the dog arrives at the call, you can start calling for it when it is playing with another dog.

Remember that there is a lot of stimulation outdoors.  Be patient when the dog needs a few seconds to focus. The most important thing is that it comes, not how fast it does.

Nevertheless, it is important to gradually increase the degree of difficulty. You ask too much of the dog when you ask it to come too fast at command. Try to gradually test new environments and challenges so that it learns that there is always a reward that is worth receiving at any time.

As soon as the command works at a park, surrounded by other dogs and noise, it means that your dog has formally learned to come by call. However, it is important to never stop exercising. Bring dog candy to the park from time to time when you call the dog. You can take the candy with you every time you train on command or at random.

Calling on your dog is an important part of living together, but also important for their safety. It is a simple command to teach, so never stop, even if the dog has learned it.

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