Some Amazing Things That Dogs Do!

They amaze us every day with their intelligence, their great love and friendship. But did you know that dogs also do some amazing things daily that you do not know about?
Some amazing things that dogs do!

Dogs are amazing. There is no doubt about that. But do you know their “superpowers”? Not? Let’s then look at some of the amazing things that dogs do without you even noticing.

Amazing things that dogs do

No one needs to convince you of this… the dog is the best animal in the whole world! Your friend follows you everywhere, looks after you and gives you unconditional love.

But in addition to these things, the dog can also do certain things that are absolutely fantastic.

It listens if you talk like an adult

When you come across a dog, whether it’s your own or someone else’s, you can not help it… you start talking baby language with it! We tend to change our tone and use other types of words.

Try not to do this in the future. Why? Because dogs behave according to what they hear. And if you talk in a funny way, they will not listen to you.

The dogs think you are not talking to them and they have “selective hearing” if you speak baby language. It does not matter if it is a poodle or a grand danois, because it will behave in the same way.

Dogs recognize changes in your facial expressions

You do not really need to talk to them. It is enough that the dogs see your facial expressions, your eyes and how your lips move.

A dog can recognize when a person is happy, grumpy or tired by just looking at the person’s face.

Dog who is sad.

When your pet behaves badly and you give it a warning look, it will automatically understand that it has done something wrong.

The dog will hide or ask for forgiveness in its own way. And this is not because of remorse, because dogs lack this feeling, but it reacts to the owner being upset.

Dogs laugh

You may have seen videos and photos on the internet where the dogs have a big smile. You may be wondering why your pet does not do the same.

Did you know that rabbits “laugh” for reasons other than humans? They do this, for example, to ask for attention from their owners and show consideration.

But if you see that your dog seems to have a smile on his face, it can, depending on the situation, mean that the animal feels anxious.

Amazing things that dogs do: they manipulate you

It’s not just the cats that can charm you to get what they want. Dogs are good at playing theater and know exactly what to do!

Dog shaking paw.

The dogs know the weakness of each family member. Does the dog want food, a toy, a pat on the stomach or be able to jump on the bed? It will do anything to get what it wants.

The dogs can also ask their owners what they want, because they remember how they got it last time.

If you give your pet food from the plate while your partner does not, the dog will come directly to you next time!

Dogs lick to show consideration

Dogs show their concern in other ways than humans. Usually they do this by licking.

Just as the mother uses her tongue to wash the puppies, the dogs grow up believing that this is the correct way to show that they want to be by your side.

Your dog will probably want to lick you in the face, but will also do so on your arms or feet. For dogs, this is also a way to calm down and feel comfort through direct contact with their owners.

The dogs imitate your personality

You have probably heard the saying that “dogs are like their owners”. And this is true not only physically, but also on a personal level.

Dogs can adopt different characteristics from the people they have the most contact with. Why? Because we humans convey emotions to our dogs – everything from anxiety to calm.

If you live in a stressful environment and go through a lot of problems, the pet will behave badly and try to attract your attention.

But if you sit quietly and drink tea on the couch, the dog will be more likely to lie down at your feet and sleep like a child.

Did you know all these amazing things that dogs can do? They are amazing animals that can change your life forever.

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