Small Dogs With A Great Personality

Small dogs with a great personality

It is said that looks can be misleading. When it comes to our furry friends and their size, this is completely true when it comes to having a great personality. We have seen big dogs like grand danois, which is considered the biggest dog in the world, but which has a calm and friendly personality.

On the other hand, we have the little schnauzer who, despite his fluffy appearance, sometimes has an unfriendly and independent personality.

Today we will dare to say that the smallest dogs have a great personality. What do you think?

Poodle on lawn

Here is a list of small dogs with large personalities:

Australian silky terrier

This little dog belongs to the terrier family and is known for barking a lot and establishing a distance from every person it does not know. They will be friendly with strangers, but they are very friendly with their daily surroundings.

Bichon frieze

If there is one thing that characterizes this dog, it is its fur. They also have a rather extreme history; they originally belonged to the monarchy but ended up being almost abandoned, which may have contributed to the fact that nowadays they have a personality that makes them distrust everything and everyone.

Just as with the Australian variant above, the family will always come first for them. You can therefore expect them to give 100% with the family, but that this will not be the case with strangers.


When you read the name of this species, you may have immediately thought of a white, curly animal (even when there are some with other colors). However, they fall into the category of dogs that have the worst personality – when it comes to strangers of course.

This is due to their overprotective nature that will cause them to defend their family. Even when it is not in danger, so they do not like to see a stranger near them that they like.


Their bulging eyes and miniature size make this a very different dog. But most of them have to learn to socialize as they are puppies because otherwise they will be angry with strangers. They feel like royalty in the home, and even when they will show you an unconditional love, you should not intrude on their territory.


The dachshund is a small dog that originated in Germany a few centuries ago. They are best known as Weiner dogs. They are intelligent and curious, which may be due to the job they had from the beginning – to look after the home and lyan.

They have a strong personality and therefore need a herd leader who marks their territory and shows them their place. If this is not done in the right way, the animal will become aggressive with strangers and in many cases also with its owners.

The Jack Russel Terrier has a great personality

Jack russell terrier running.

This dog comes from England and is a small dog with a great personality. It is said that if you give them a finger, they will take the whole arm, which shows how smart they are.

They have fantastic and strong hunting instincts, much more than other dogs. So it is important to have good training to avoid problems, so that they do not bite people or kill small animals, such as birds.

This dog is therefore only recommended for people who have time for them, experts in training, or people who can afford to hire a trainer.

Butterfly dog

Butterfly dogs are very active and playful dogs, but they are also distrustful. Even when they love to play, they will not do it with everyone. They will observe strangers in the distance to decide if they like this person or not.

As we said at the beginning, this is a list that we have produced by making some generalizations. But we understand that not all dog breeds have this personality. The personality often depends on whether they have become socialized when they were puppies so that they become friendly dogs as adults.

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