Should You Put A Collar On Your Cat?

Should you put a collar on your cat?

Cats are addicted and are obsessed with routines. Suddenly putting a collar on your cat is something new for it, and it needs time to adjust.

Is it a good or bad idea to put a collar on your cat? This is one of the most common debates between experts and cat owners. So in today’s article we want to tell you about the pros and cons of this interesting accessory.

Some doors have a sensor that is activated when it detects the device on the cat’s collar. These “smart cat doors” open themselves when they notice the signal. In that case, it is good to put a collar on your cat, as it gives him more independence. Now the cat can go out even when you are not at home.

Cat doors are also a great way to give cats more freedom. Unfortunately, they do not make your house safer right away.

Giving your cat a collar can also make it easier to identify him. There are also microchips, but you need a magnetic reader to use them, and these are not always available.

Collars are therefore a common solution for outdoor cats. If they get lost, someone who finds them can call you immediately thanks to the necklace having a note with the number. However, they are not as reliable as a microchip, as necklaces can be damaged, dampened or slipped. It is best to combine the two.

Cats are addicted animals, and they are obsessed with routines. Putting a collar on his cat is something new for him and he needs time to adjust. Each animal adapts at its own pace, and everyone knows that cats do not do something they do not want to do. Be patient and respect your cat’s needs.

It is easiest if you show it how to wear a necklace during the first months of life, which is when it has a more flexible personality. You should never use force to force him to adjust to wearing a necklace.

Necklaces can also be good for preventing and getting rid of fleas. However, some experts say that the collar is not a good way to eradicate these types of pests, as it can not spread the insecticide all over the cat’s body, which means that it will not be very effective.

cat itches

The content of these insecticides can also cause allergic reactions, skin irritation and hair loss. In severe cases, they can even enter the cat’s body and cause vomiting and diarrhea. The best and safest way to prevent such parasites is to use topical products, such as Frontline or similar.

It is important to choose the best necklace for your domestic cat. Part of this is about how each necklace is made and what it is made of. It must have proper sewing, so your cat does not get allergies or any sores from it. It should also be of good material, and preferably hypoallergenic.

Flexible elastic collars are usually safer, especially for outdoor cats. The flexibility means that they can come out of the necklace without injuring themselves if it ever gets stuck.

Necklaces are usually much more comfortable for cats if they do not have any bells. Many cats find them annoying or nervous when they hear them.

cat with bell on necklace

Research is also being done into the possibility that constant exposure to the sounds of these bells can cause hearing problems. It has not been proven yet, but everyone knows that cats have very sensitive ears. It is always better to be on the safe side.

Some owners say they use bells so that birds and small animals will hear their cat and prevent it from killing them. However, the effectiveness of this method is questionable. Many cats develop new techniques to quietly surprise their prey, even with these collars. Others will try to tear it off, but they can injure themselves while doing so.

If you want a collar on your cat, then think about it when choosing one. The cat’s well-being should always come first.

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