Sea Rescue Dogs: The Latest News

Did you know that dogs around the world are trained for water rescue? Read more about these fantastic dogs. Your dog can even participate!
Sea rescue dogs: The latest news

You’ve already heard of dozens of different professions for dogs. These faithful animals perform their roles excellently. But today we are going to talk about something new: sea rescue dogs. Being a lifeguard dog is a dangerous job and it requires a lot of courage, good physical shape and a lot of training. Want to know more about these furry friends who keep an eye on you when you swim?

ECSAR is a non-profit organization created to train sea rescue dogs in Spain. They are pioneers in the field and have so far had very good results. Let’s see what they do and how they do it.

How to train sea rescue dogs

This project offers different ways to train a dog for water rescue, both in general and professionally. These dogs can, together with rescue workers as lifeguards, be used to save human lives. They can do so in swimming pools, in lakes and seas, during natural disasters, searches and in other types of water rescue.

Rescue dog for Fema.

A part-time course for your dog

If you want your dog to have a new experience. Or if you want your dog to be trained in case something happens to you or one of your family members, this may be the course for you!

Of course, your family dog ​​will not be able to participate in professional water rescue, but it will have a general knowledge of water rescue. In addition, this training will strengthen the bond between you and create a strong connection.

Other benefits are:

  • You will get to know your dog’s muscle and bone strength, and this activity will also strengthen them
  • Rehabilitation for dogs with arthritis or joint problems
  • Healing wounds
  • Improved coordination
  • And many more benefits

And of course, this will be useful as both sports and play at the same time. Your dog will therefore have fun, improve his mood and also his heart health.

Operational work for water rescue

In this case, a dog and a lifeguard will form a team. All dogs can be trained for water rescue; the dog breed does not matter. The dog just needs to have a passion for water, good physical strength and be brave.

The dog must also have a special bond with his teammate and at the same time be physically strong. This is because he will participate in situations where he may need to pull a person in a lifebuoy, swim far without getting tired and be a support for the lifeguard in several different situations.

Characteristics of sea rescue dogs

Dogs, although they can be of any breed, should have certain characteristics that make their job easier.

  • The coat. The dog should have a thick coat that is slightly water resistant, as it will spend a lot of time in the water. The coat should not allow water to seep into the skin quickly, as it can cause infections or diseases.
  • The paws. The dog should have a membrane between the toes, similar to what ducks have. This helps when the dog is swimming and it will therefore be able to pull with greater strength.
  • Age. The earlier dogs start their water rescue training, the better. If an older dog starts training, there is a great risk that it already has some odd habits that can be difficult to break. Of course, this does not mean that an adult dog can not be trained. It just means that an adult dog finds it harder to learn, while puppies absorb the training better and faster.

ARCAR, another training school for rescue dogs

Dog swims in pool.

ARCAR, in Argentina, is one of the most famous non-profit schools for rescue dogs. Thanks to this organization, Argentina has a significant number of trained dogs to help people in emergencies.

Thanks to such initiatives, we can rely on hundreds of dogs around the world who have been trained in water rescue and who save many people’s lives every day. It is another role that dogs perform with all their love, perseverance, hard work and courage. As if we needed more reasons to be eternally grateful to our furry friends.

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