Rottweiler Personality And Character Traits

The Rottweiler is a well-bred dog when it comes to personality and character traits. The dogs are robust, muscular, dynamic and strong. With its medium to large size and powerful appearance, the Rottweiler inspires both respect and admiration at the same time.
The Rottweiler's personality and character traits

It is common among those who have not seen the Rottweiler’s personality that they are afraid of the breed. Their presence inspires respect because it is a very powerful dog.

The breed originally comes from the German city of Rottweil. So the name rottweiler actually refers to someone who is from there. The history of the breed goes back as far as the Roman Empire. At that time, the predecessors of today’s Rottweilers were used as guard dogs and also herding dogs.

When the Romans arrived in Rottweil, Germany, their dogs mingled with the dogs from the city. The result was the breed we know today as the “butcher dog from Rottweil”.

The physical characteristics of the Rottweiler

Two rottweilers on a field

The Rottweiler’s head is large and wide. The nose is square and the ears are medium-sized, drooping and triangular. There are many opinions about their tails. Those who are old-fashioned and do not see animals as sentient beings think that the tail should be curved. But there are many who are true animal lovers and activists and who do everything they can to keep their tails as they were when the dogs were born.

The dog’s fur has two layers:

  • An outer layer of medium-length fur that is stiff and hard-fitting.
  • An inner fluffy layer.

Although they are mostly black, they have several areas with a brownish to reddish hue, e.g. on the chest, around the nose and mouth, on the cheeks, neck, etc.

The Rottweiler’s personality

The Rottweiler has been  stigmatized a few decades ago, mainly through the media and a few isolated accidents and episodes. But in reality it is a fantastic breed of dog. Their bad behavior is usually the result of their irresponsible and ignorant owners who have failed to train their dogs properly.

Personally, Rottweilers are: very responsive, obedient, calm, brave, confident, trustworthy and loyal to their human family. As with all dogs, each dog has its own identity, as well as its own personality traits.

The Rottweiler’s personality is usually flexible and emotionally stable, and adapts to most activities. With a little training, the breed is very suitable for protecting its family, and they are also suitable as police dogs, therapy dogs and guide dogs, thanks to their obedient nature. This also makes them good in the role of search and rescue dogs.

In addition to this, Rottweilers often get good results in dog sports and obedience competitions. The breed is known for being easy to train as they are easy to learn new things. They are also strong, lively and, as we said before, flexible and emotionally stable.

How to train a puppy

No matter what breed it is, you should focus on socializing your dog while it is still a puppy. This means that you introduce the puppy to others and let it interact with other animals in different environments.

This is a very important phase in the life of dogs. If your puppy was not properly socialized properly, it may become reactive, scared and insecure in the future, and no one will want to be near it and that will make it very difficult for you in general.

A Rottweiler puppy is usually easy to coexist with all kinds of people and in all kinds of environments without creating problems or posing a danger to anyone.

The Rottweiler is NOT a dangerous dog breed

What do you most often hear about Rottweilers on the news? Probably nothing good, but these episodes simply have to do with a lack of socialization. Many Rottweilers have unfortunately been subjected to violence, neglected or in some way abused by their owners.

Of course, the consequences of this are that the dog gets behavioral problems. And with that, the risk increases that it will attack someone.

As a dog owner, you must respect your dog’s freedom and needs. Not just for your dog’s sake but for the whole community. You need to train it properly and responsibly. Only then will you have an invaluable friend who is social, calm and loving.

Tips for training a Rottweiler

Rottweiler puppy chasing a ball

Dogs are social creatures so it is important to spend a lot of time with them. They do not feel good about always being left alone. Of course you would not either, and that’s probably why you got a dog in the first place.

When it comes to training and educating a dog, you should always try to do it through positive reinforcement. For example,  some products on the market, such as a throttle, are never ok.

They should also preferably go for two or three walks a day. You can let them loose for a while when it is safe for them, especially if they are stressed. And finally, give them the chance to smell a lot during the walk and run around and play with each other.

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