Recommendations For Choosing The Right Dog Food

Choosing the right dog food is not easy today considering how many different varieties there are. As fewer and fewer people give their animals homemade food, the amount of animal food on the market has multiplied. You can also not just go for the price.
Recommendations for choosing the right dog food

Many people think that they can choose the right dog food just by looking at the price. But price is not always the best indicator. You must ensure that the dog receives a well-balanced diet that covers all needs.

Factors such as age, physical activity, size and personality are things to keep in mind.

Types of dog food

Dog is fed

There are basically three types of dog food: budget, premium and super premium.

The quality of the raw materials used in production is crucial when it comes to the total nutritional value of the food. The most nutritious ingredients are usually listed first in the list of ingredients.

It is very important to look at the percentages on the package to choose the right dog food for your dog.

Bought, but natural

Some brands market themselves as “natural” dog food, with melanin and other beneficial ingredients. In addition, many do not contain corn, animal protein, vegetables or grains.

If you want your dog to eat a portion that is really prepared for it, the 100% natural foods are recommended.

By making this change in your dog’s diet, you will soon notice that its coat becomes shinier and that its overall appearance improves.

You will also notice that the amount of stool is reduced as the dog will now eat more digestible protein.

To choose the right dog food  , it is best to analyze the food your furry friend eats, because it may be allergic  to certain varieties.

Canned food

Canned food may seem tempting, but it is not recommended other than as a reward or on special occasions. For the most demanding dogs, it can be mixed with other foods to improve the taste.

The ingredients in these jars can have much higher fat than regular dog food. For this reason  , you need to limit consumption to keep the dog at a good weight.

You can add canned food to your dog’s diet if its other meals are not filling enough or if the animal is underweight. As I said, you can also use it as an alternative meal from time to time.

The age of the dog

Adult dogs

The age of the animal is an important factor to consider when choosing dog food. Adult dogs must maintain optimal health so that they do not suffer from age-related problems.

Some of the  essential nutrients and energy they need can only be obtained from a diet rich in taurine,  chelated minerals and protein from meat and calcium.

As you can see, it is important to read the labels of the products and review the ingredients and nutritional value.

Young dogs

Puppies, on the other hand, require a lot of energy. There are many commercial feeds that are suitable for the first months of life. Some of these are easy to digest and have a complete nutritional value.

Furthermore, some brands contain ingredients that protect and stimulate the natural defenses of puppies.

Some food for puppies includes natural fiber, and the antibodies in them not only strengthen the structure of the mucous membranes, but also the animal’s immune system.

For the proper development of the puppy, natural antioxidants are also important because they not only improve the cell membranes, but also protect them against bacilli.

Dog eats from bowl

Dietary changes

Remember that dogs have a low tolerance for sudden changes in their diet. Gradually modify it as it grows so as not to affect the bacterial flora,  and choose the right dog food for your particular dog.

Your animal’s health is in your hands.

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