Prevent And Treat Scabies In Dogs

Prevent and treat scabies in dogs

Scabies can be seen on the dog’s skin and is caused by special types of mites. Even if it is a canine disease, it can also be transmitted to humans. The good news is that it is relatively easy to treat scabies in dogs. Follow the treatments described in this article and apply them correctly to prevent and treat scabies.

What is scabies?

Scabies is a  skin disease caused by parasitic mites that feed on sebum, keratin and dead skin cells found in dogs, cats and humans. The most common way of infection is through direct contact with an infected animal. You can also be infected through objects such as blankets and brushes.

This disease is very common in stray dogs and animals that live in overcrowded areas and in poor hygienic conditions.

dog with scabies

Demodex scabies

The mites that create this type of scabies are from the demodex family. They live naturally on the skin and in the hair follicles. This disease occurs when the population of these microorganisms increases for some reason (cancer, hypothyroidism or imbalances in the immune system).

It is worth mentioning that demodex scabies is not contagious between animals and humans. It mostly affects purebred dogs with short coats such as Dobermans and Shar Peis.

Sarcoptes scabiei

The mite that causes this type of scabies is Sarcoptes scabei,  which has an ability to dig into the dog’s skin. It is important to point out that this type of scabies is contagious to humans. It also infects other types of mammals, including cats and foxes.


This is also known as “walking dandruff” and occurs due to the cheyletiella mite. It not only affects people, in whom it creates reddish rashes, but it also affects dogs, rabbits and cats.

Prevent and treat scabies in dogs

To detect scabies in dogs, you need to pay attention to specific symptoms and behaviors. The good thing about this infection caused by mites is that it is easy to recognize. The extent and location of its external damage will vary depending on the type of scabies. However, one of the symptoms that affects all dogs with scabies is the characteristic itching of the disease.

This means that you will see your dog itch itself nonstop in the same place. Your dog may even lick or gnaw on the area and thus inadvertently injure itself in the infected area.

Your dog may also  lose hair where he has scabies on the skin, perhaps in patches or in large areas,  regardless of the severity of the disease. It can also cause dandruff, skin flaking, scabs and blisters.

dog with Norwegian scabies

Redness and inflammation of the skin, small sores or open sores are obvious signs that the animal is suffering from scabies. In some cases, dogs with scabies may even lose their appetite, have an unpleasant odor and lose a lot of weight.

Prevent and treat scabies in dogs with natural remedies

Treatment of scabies should focus on two things: applying medicine to the animal and maintaining a hygienic environment around it. First, you can give your dog the medication that your veterinarian has prescribed. The ges orally.

You can also increase the effectiveness of these medications by using natural remedies, which involve external applications of certain ingredients. Here are some home remedies for scabies in dogs:


This antibacterial and healing ingredient can help the animal’s skin recover and eliminate mites. The treatment consists of grinding two cloves of garlic and mixing them with olive oil and then applying it to the affected area and letting it work overnight. The next day, wipe the olive oil and garlic mixture with a damp cloth.

2. Neutral soap

Dogs with scabies should be bathed with a white or neutral soap. This is because perfumes from perfumed soaps can irritate your dog’s skin. There are also medicinal soaps that are very effective, with antibacterial and antiseptic properties. These are applied to wet skin and then rinsed off after two minutes.


This plant is very beneficial for the skin and useful for preventing and even treating scabies in dogs. Chamomile flowers are refreshing, anti-inflammatory and cleansing. You can make an infusion by mixing a spoonful of chamomile leaves with a pint of water. You can use the filtered liquid to moisten the dog’s fur.

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