Podenco Ibicenco: A Dog Created For Hunting

Podenco ibicenco: a dog created for hunting

Podencon belongs to ancient dog breeds that originate from the Mediterranean area. Among these, podenco ibicenco stands out as a real hunter.

Although this breed is not so well known outside the Iberian Peninsula,  this Spanish dog is considered one of the best dog breeds for hunting in Spain. Their strong resilient bodies allow them to perform exceptionally during hunting, even in tough terrain and tough weather.

This versatile dog can hunt alone or in packs, and maintain good performance. Below you can learn more about podenco dogs, especially the Spanish, podenco ibicenco.

There are several types and breeds of podenco that originate in the Mediterranean. There are currently several recognized breeds of podenco from Spain (Andalusia, the Canary Islands and Mallorca), Italy (Malta), Portugal and Greece.

Podenco ibicenco is one of the most valued dogs in Spain. However, they are not recognized by the WCO (World Canine Organization). Many breeders continue to indulge in making it an official dog breed.

In addition, there are other podencos in Spain, such as the Andalusian podencon (from Andalusia), the Ibiza dog (from Mallorca) and the Canary dog ​​(from the Canary Islands). Not to mention  that there are podencoras from other countries that also have excellent hunting dog instincts. There are certain types of podencos that have originated outside the Spanish border:

  • Portuguese podenco (from Portugal)
  • Cirneco dell’etna (also known as the Sicilian Greyhound, from Sicily in Italy)
  • Pharaoh Dog (from Malta, Italy)
podenco ibicenco

The term podenco refers to several dog breeds that are closely related by their origin  and share physical and behavioral traits. According to the WCO, these dogs are classified in group 5 (tips and breeds of the primitive dog type). However, the pharaoh dog is classified in group 6 – dogs of the primitive dog type.

Little is known about the origin of the podencon. However, experts believe that thesis is its ancestor. This hunting dog is extinct, but is described by hieroglyphs in the Great Pyramid of Giza. If the thesis may have arrived in Europe, it must most likely be due to the commercial expansion of the Phoenicians.

These dogs are medium to large dogs, with a strong body and well-developed muscles. There is some variation in size between certain breeds, such as the Portuguese podencon.

Podencon is created for hunting, has developed senses and is always on the alert. It is very active and independent, very intelligent and responds well to training. In general, podenco ibicenco has a good temperament and is patient. However, it has  a lot of energy and requires a lot of physical training and constant mental stimulation.

Lack of exercise is extremely detrimental to this dog’s physical and mental health, especially as it may be prone to certain mental problems, such as destructiveness, excessive barking and aggression.

podenco ibicenco

As a pet, we recommend this dog for people who like the outdoors. They can also get along well with children, provided they are properly trained and socialized.

This breed stands out, not only for its impressive hunting instincts, but also for its excellent health. This dog is very resistant to diseases and shows a great adaptability, which has made it successful to survive for many centuries.

In addition  , breeders have not tried to follow an aesthetic standardization like the one that many other dog breeds have gone through. This is because historians valued their instincts more than their physical appearance.

Regardless of this, this breed has more genetic variations than other breeds, which means that they have better health. Added to their incredible physical endurance, they also have a strong immune system. With proper care, Podencon almost never gets sick and can live for at least 12 years. This is a little more than usual when it comes to a dog’s life expectancy.

Other benefits of their genetic diversity are that they are prone to developing certain genetic diseases.  Therefore, podencon is less likely to develop degenerative diseases that are common in other breeds,  such as hip or elbow dysplasia.

However, it is important to remember that podencon requires care and a positive environment to develop. In addition  , preventive medicine is the key to maintaining their good health throughout life.

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