Pinscher: Everything You Need To Know About This Dog Breed

Pinscher: everything you need to know about this dog breed

Pinschers were bred to guard and care for agriculture. But today, its main “purpose” is to be just a pet. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about this German breed, which stands out for its elegance and balance.

The word pinscher is German and means “bitter”. Later, the name also came from the English “pinch” (pinch), which referred to the animal’s cropped ears, which was done so that other animals could not bite them.

The German Pinscher  is very closely related to the schnauzer,  and its origins go back to the 15th century. At that time, they were used by farmers in Bavaria to control pests. Research suggests that it comes from the “rat pinscher” – a breed that is now extinct.

After World War II, this race was disappearing. But thanks to a man named Werner Jung, it is still with us today. After the German Pinscher, other breeds emerged, such as Dwarf Pinscher and Dobermann. Although many consider them attractive and elegant, German Pinschers have never succeeded in becoming as popular as their two descendants.

This dog is medium-sized and can measure up to 50 cm in height and weigh 20 kg (adult males). It has a proud posture and strong muscles, a narrow head and a long nose. It has slightly folded ears that hang down to the sides of the head (unfortunately you often prune the ears and cup the tail when they are puppies).

Its fur is short and rough, and can be brown, black or brownish. The dog’s stomach and breasts have a reddish color.

A vigilant pinscher

At present, the German Pinscher is a companion dog. It can also help control pests or small rodents in large houses, even though it is not a guard dog. Thanks to its size, it can easily live in apartments, but just like all other dogs, it naturally requires daily exercise and fresh air.

Although this dog is not as impressive as a Doberman, it can be used as a watchdog. It has no problem defending real estate,  and this dog will not become territorial towards its owner, but will always remain loyal.

They are very intelligent, confident and lively. They get along well with the whole family, although they often choose an individual who becomes its “true owner”.

They may require a lot of attention and take some ownership against their “chosen owner”.

Pinschers are always alert and are constantly on the lookout for strangers. If you take one for a walk in the park, it must wear a collar and maybe even a muzzle if it is prone to quarreling with other dogs.

Due to its short, smooth coat, it does not require much attention hygienically. You only need to brush it regularly (once a week) to remove dead hair.

It is very important that this dog is allowed to engage in outdoor activities because it is so energetic. Letting it run on open surfaces may suffice,  as long as it does not get lost. Pinschers are perfect companions for outdoor enthusiasts because they are good company when exercising (for example cycling or running).

If they do not get enough exercise, they can start destroying objects in the house. They should sleep indoors, especially in the winter. Although the Pinscher is a very healthy dog, it can suffer from three hereditary diseases:  cataracts, Von Willebrand’s disease (haemophilia) and hip dysplasia.

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