Nine Persistent Myths About Bathing Your Dog

It’s time to dismiss myths about bathing your dog incorrectly. Better late than never!
Nine persistent myths about bathing your dog

How often, what products to use  and also discussions about whether you should bathe your dog at all are some of the questions that deal with the subject of bathing your dog. We will inform you about some remaining myths about how to bathe and care for your dog.

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In the wild, animals keep themselves clean with a good mud bath that actually helps remove parasites on skin and fur. But in big cities, with a lot of pollution and toxins, bathing is not just a matter of aesthetics, but also of health.

It is best to bathe your dog regularly. How long to wait between baths depends on a variety of factors, including the characteristics of your dog. Ask your veterinarian what is best for your pet. In addition, dogs suffering from skin diseases or allergies require more regular baths with specific products.

There are many myths about baths circulating in relation to how to wash dogs. We tell you which ones are fake so that you avoid making mistakes and take better care of the skin and fur of your lovely four-legged friend.

This damage only occurs if you use an unsuitable shampoo for dogs. Do not just take any shampoo from your bathroom to wash your dog. Humans and dogs have different pH needs. Do not even think about using a human shampoo to bathe your dog with. We again recommend that you ask your veterinarian which shampoo is recommended for your pet.

Unless you are exaggerating in your care of your four-legged friend, this should not be a problem. Especially if you use a good quality shampoo that is especially for dogs. A bath removes impurities and other substances that you have to get rid of so that the dog gets a healthy skin with enviable fur.

Unless something goes wrong or you are careless, you do not need to spray water in your pet’s ears during a bath. No water, no ear infection. Pay attention to your dog’s ears during a bath and carefully remove shampoo residue around the dog’s ears. And if water reaches your pet’s ears, consult a veterinarian.

In general, dogs do not like the noise from hair dryers. The heat can also upset your dog. Unless it is too cold, let your dog air dry, otherwise you must dry it with a towel and let it dry naturally in a warm and sheltered environment.

This is also a big factor in how regularly you bathe your dog. Do not think that a single use of shampoo is enough to get rid of annoying insects that bother your pet. To get rid of them completely, you are forced to apply several different treatments. For example:

  • Powder
  • Stain treatment
  • Sprayer

And if your dog is free of parasites, flea shampoo is not necessary at all.

dog bathes

If it is not a very hot summer day with the sun shining, you should never bathe your dog with cold water from the garden hose. It often happens that the dog becomes ill. Unless the weather is mild, it is best to bathe your dog with warm water indoors, where it is safe from the cold and drafts.

This statement is not entirely true. Before leaving your dog with a vet, it is important to review the products they use and that they treat the animals well. Also, keep in mind that if they are going to dry your dog, it will be subjected to extensive sessions of hair drying, which most dogs detest.

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