Man And The Dog: A Friendship Since The Stone Age?

A new study has shown that the relationship between man and dog goes all the way back to the Stone Age!
Man and dog: a friendship since the Stone Age?

Have you ever thought that the affection that dogs feel for humans is quite unique? Did you know that the friendship between man and dog has existed since the Stone Age?

That’s true, and it may be based on survival, oxytocin and ancient rituals, and in recent years more has been discovered about this amazing relationship.

An archaeological study recently conducted in Barcelona indicates that the relationship between man and dog dates back 4,000 years. Researchers have discovered remnants from the late Stone Age.

Investigators discovered human graves with the remains of dogs next to the dead. This shows that there was a close bond between the Stone Age man and the dogs.

The findings were made in Catalonia by students from the University of Barcelona and the Autonomous University of the same city. The Journal of Archaeological Science Reports has published the results of this study.

A friendship between man and dog since the Stone Age

This research team came to the conclusion that the dogs had been buried with the owners. It seems that this was a symbolic act where the dog was sacrificed to accompany his master in the next life. It seems to have been part of religious rituals.

It is remarkable that the animals had such a prominent role in the funeral rites.

The researchers found at least six burial sites with dog remains along with human remains. This number is quite small if you compare it with the total number of excavations, but it is still significant.

Mural with man and dog.

The research has also helped us to find out some details regarding the dogs’ diet. In fact, it was shown that the diet of humans and dogs was very similar.

The diet consisted mostly of cereals and vegetables. This fact allows us to establish that there has been a close coexistence between man and dog since the Stone Age.

Dogs and rituals

Man has always seen rituals after death as something frightening and sensitive. In many traditions and cultures, the “unknown” about what happens after death has always had an important place.

It is therefore particularly interesting that dogs have been sacrificed and buried next to their owners.

All the findings above are in line with the Yamna culture, which existed around 4200-3600 years before Christ.

This is the theory advocated by research leader Silvia Albizuri. The researchers believe that it may have been a general tradition among the Iberian population to bury the dogs with their owners.

With the help of this research and existing documentation, the researchers believe that this practice existed for several centuries. This habit seems to have diminished at the beginning of the Iron Age, around 1200 BC.

The friendship between man and dog: long lasting and natural

The dogs are descendants of the wolves and must have had to change their behavior in order to survive. We do not know if it was the human or the dog who took the first step.

However, the exchange of food must have given rise to genetic changes in these animals.

Antique mural.

Another interesting fact is that the relationship between this species and man actually has a biochemical explanation.

Just like humans, dogs also have a hormone called oxytocin. This is also known as the “love hormone”.

This substance is related to feelings of well-being in the brain. When a dog lives with its owner, this hormone activates emotions that are reminiscent of those experienced by a couple in love.

This is therefore one of the reasons for the close and unique relationship between us and dogs.

The biochemical explanations show the difference between humans and dogs compared to other animals. No other animal has come so close to man.

The academic interest in this friendship between man and dog has increased

There are many theories and ideas about how dogs have evolved. Researchers around the world have been searching for the origin of this relationship.

The scientific interest in this subject seems to have grown over the last decade.

There are those who believe that the dog could not have been tamed before the Stone Age, while others have the opposite opinion. What we do know, however, is that these friendly and intelligent animals have left their paw prints in history.

The main thing, however, is that we can all enjoy the company of our four-legged friend today.

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