Loyal Dog Tries To Revive His Friend After Accident

This tragic, but true, story shows how caring and caring dogs can be – even more than humans!
Loyal dog tries to revive his friend after an accident

Not so long ago, a video circulated on the internet. It showed a woman who was hit and no one came to her rescue. As if that were not enough, she was hit once more as she lay on the ground. This video made people furious and many questioned the goodness of man. Fortunately, animals do not seem to behave the same way. In another video we can see how a loyal dog comes to try to revive his friend.

There are many who say that animals are better than humans. And when we see events like this, we can do nothing but agree.

In the second video, the opposite happens to what the woman in China experienced. A dog showed incredible loyalty to his companion after being hit. The special thing about these events is that both occurred in China.

Apparently these dogs were friends because they walked together. You could even say that they seemed to be talking to each other.

It was a day like any other, and they wandered the streets in search of something to eat and to enjoy the fresh air. But when they were about to cross the street, everything changed in an instant. An unfortunate moment for both of them, even if one did better than the other.

While both crossed the road together, one animal was unlucky enough to be hit. The other survived unharmed, but did not intend to abandon his friend. Even though he risked his life, he did something that no one had expected.

He went back to the stressful path and risked his own life, because he could have met the same fate, and tried to revive him. He sat with him and pushed on his head in the hope that it would wake him.

The animal does everything to wake his friend: he pushes him, licks him, barks at him, sniffs at him and puts on his legs. Although it seems to fail, he does not give up. In the end, when he realizes that there is nothing to do, the animal seems to be in despair, because we see how he gets small cramps in the stomach.

Some people eventually come to the rescue, but unfortunately there was nothing they could do to save the dog.

It’s a sad story, but one that also shows what we have to learn from animals: their unconditional loyalty and, funny enough, “humanity”. We know it is a term associated with humans, but it goes beyond that.

The term “humanity” refers to a series of emotions that must come from our hearts to help others, even if it puts ourselves in danger. Is not that exactly what this dog showed by trying to revive his friend?

We let you watch the video so you can decide for yourself (warning for strong images):

There are many stories of loyalty we can see in our animal lovers. No one can deny the warm feelings they give us.

For example, we have told the story of two puppies who went together until they found a place to eat. The dog was blind and her brother was with her at every moment, defending her and saving her from danger. Who says animals have no family ties? They have much more than that!

What these types of stories that you can read on our blog show us is that we have a lot to learn from animals.

Learn to have a heart without envy and bitterness, without hatred and with empathy, extend a hand to those who need it. Do you not think that the world would be a better place if we were all a little more like animals?

Image source: elpais.com

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