Learn The Reasons Why Dogs Attack

Health problems or lack of socialization are some of the reasons why dogs attack.
Learn the reasons why dogs attack

Animals try to defend themselves for several reasons. In this article, we will talk about some of the main reasons why dogs attack.

Reasons why dogs attack

Some people believe – and there is even legislation in line with this theory – that there are dangerous dog breeds that must carry muzzles in public places, or that should not be adopted by people with children. The truth is, however, that race is only a small variable when it comes to aggression; Significantly more important is any trauma and training a dog has undergone.

Whether it is a stranger, the owner or other animals, there are several reasons why dogs attack. It does not necessarily have to do with large dogs, such as pit bulls, bulldogs and rottweilers; even small breeds can be bitten, even if the consequences are minor.

Here are the main causes of attacks:

1. Health problems

When animals experience pain or an illness, they are likely to become aggressive. They do not do it on purpose, but to protect themselves. When they are not healthy, they may be completely focused on their symptoms and not realize that the person approaching is trying to help.

2. Lack of socialization

Socializing a dog is very important for its emotional development. Pets that have no contact with other animals may therefore become less obedient or more likely to be attacked and bitten.


Dominant dogs that are very prone to territory tend to be somewhat aggressive when they identify an intruder or someone trying to walk through their territory.

Dog shows teeth

4. Mat

This is one of the main reasons why dogs attack. Food is very important to them. They have inherited this reaction from their distant cousins ​​- the wolves. If they eat, they may growl, bark or try to bite someone approaching because they think the person wants to steal their food.

5. Maternal instincts

Some females can become aggressive when they are pregnant or after giving birth. Their maternal instincts make them protect their puppies. This occurs in the vast majority of all animals, mainly in mammals.

6. Trauma

Street dogs, for example, may try to attack those approaching, not because they are mean or violent, but because they are trying to protect themselves from a perceived commodity. Remember that they had to take care of themselves and fight for food and protection.

Furthermore, the risk is high that they have been subjected to violence and therefore do not trust people. Traumatic situations can cause animals to act that way.

7. Phobia

Your dog may become aggressive when it is raining and thundering, when it hears fireworks, when traveling by car, when it is at the vet or in other stressful situations that it associates with various phobias it suffers from.

Aggressive dog

Prevention and training a dog not to attack

In addition to understanding the reasons behind dogs attacking, it is important to prevent the situations and habits that can lead to the animal trying to protect itself. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Do not approach the animal while eating.
  2. Do not frighten the animal when there are toys nearby.
  3. Do not make sudden movements when it is with their puppies.
  4. Do not try to touch it when it shows its teeth.
  5. Stay still when the dog is scared.
  6. If it is someone else’s dog, ask permission or do not touch it at all.
  7. Be careful when approaching an unknown dog, especially if it is a stray dog.
  8. Do not run away if the dog is in an attack position.

Pay attention to the signs that the dog gives before it attacks. If it’s your pet, it’s best to socialize and teach it to respect others. Remember that you are the “leader of the herd” and that the dog must obey you.

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