Learn About 6 Strange Behaviors In Cats

If you understand the cats’ behavior, it may be easier to live with them, but in some cases they may have suffered from some form of illness that requires specialist help.
Learn about 6 strange behaviors in cats

People have always believed that cats are mysterious creatures. It is often difficult to understand them. Continue reading this article to find out more about strange behaviors in cats.

It can feel like an adventure to try to understand the cat’s mysterious nature and unpredictable movements. Below we discuss why your cat behaves so strangely.

If you manage to understand the cat’s behavior, it will be easier to live with it, but in some cases it may have suffered from some form of illness or condition that requires a visit to the vet.

Rubbing against each other

You have probably noticed that your cat rubs against other cats, even if it is the first time they meet. This is their way of saying “what fun to see you”. Your cat may even do this when you get home. It can mostly not reach your face, but it will probably rub against your leg with your body.

The cat runs around as if it were crazy

You’ve probably been sitting on the couch watching the cat run around like crazy. One of the reasons for this may be that the cat gets rid of excess energy. This usually happens with younger cats.

Their young age is usually the main reason for this strange behavior, but it can also be lice or other parasites. If you notice that your cat has this behavior more often than usual, you should take him to the vet. There is a well-known syndrome called feline hyperesthesia and this often requires veterinary treatment.

Other strange behaviors in the cat: it licks your hair

You may not understand this strange cat behavior, but have you ever wondered why the cat comes up to you and starts licking your hair? This is because it remembers that the mother cat used to do this with it when it was little.

Cat licking owner.

Cats also lick other cats. When the cat licks your hair, you should take this as a sign that the cat says that you are part of his family.

Hiding his legs

When the cat is sitting on the ground, it often hides its legs to maintain a comfortable body temperature. It’s about the same as when we humans cross our arms when we freeze.

Puts cat litter outside the litter box

You probably get confused every time you see the cat do this. This is simply a compulsive behavior, as when dogs walk around in a circle before fulfilling their needs.

The cat eats plants

Cat smelling plant.

It is not so fun for the gardener that your cat eats plants. So what does this behavior mean? Yes, it does not irritate you. It’s just curious about the plants. Therefore, think about the type of plants you have at home, because there are some that are toxic to the cat. Try to buy only plants that can not poison the cat if it happens to eat it.

These strange behaviors in the cat may seem strange to us, but they are actually quite common. If you understand why the cat behaves in this way, you will get to know it better.

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