Kitten Lady: The Woman Who Saves Hundreds Of Cats

Kitten Lady: the woman who saves hundreds of cats

Hanna Shaw, also known as Kitten Lady on social media, has dedicated her life to rescuing abandoned cats. She has taken care of over 100 cats that have now been given a permanent home. Hanna collaborates with several animal welfare organizations that notify her when they get new kittens. She currently lives outside Washington DC with her boyfriend, a professional cat photographer.

They have three permanent cats (Coco, Eloise and Haroun, who belong to her partner). Of course, they also have many temporary kittens that she feeds with bottles. But “Kitten Lady” does not only help kittens that have ended up at her home. She also teaches others how to take care of a kitten if you come across one.

Very young cats are often killed. They can not eat themselves until they are one and a half months old, and it often ends up with kittens arriving without a mother dying.

That was the reason why the Kitten Lady chose to dedicate her life to saving these little cats that others could not, or did not want to, save. She started feeding and taking care of the kittens that came to her house.

People soon started asking for information and training on how to do it yourself. That was the reason why Hannah started teaching others how to save abandoned kittens.

Cat sleeping in a pair of hands.

Hannah now teaches others how to bottle-feed kittens, teaches them how to use the litter box, gives them basic veterinary care and makes sure they grow up and get healthy. She also shows how to make cats feel comfortable, happy and safe in their temporary homes. All of these things must happen before they can become independent enough to be adopted.

Kitten Lady is active on many social media platforms, where the world watches as her cats grow up. However, she also has a detailed website that gives step by step advice on how to help abandoned kittens. As if that were not enough, she has a YouTube channel videos on how to take care of these vulnerable little animals.

Hannah also has workshops and courses where she trains animal welfare organizations in North America. Her purpose is to train hundreds of people so that they can stop killing cats. One way to do this is by adapting the premises to the kittens’ needs. She also recruits people who want to adopt cats in the cities she visits.

In the summer of 2017, Kitten Lady was on vacation in Machu Picchu where she heard cries that sounded like they were coming from a kitten. She followed the sound and came across a little kitten that some children were playing with.

She convinced them to give her the kitten and less than 48 hours later, Hannah returned to the United States with the kitten, who was named Munay.

Munay, the Peruvian kitten, currently lives in a permanent home with another older cat brother. Even though he had to go to the United States at such a young age, she will never forget where she came from. Munay has helped raise thousands of dollars for animal welfare organizations so that other people can continue to rescue kittens in Peru.

Cat with milk around the mouth.

The final star in this story is a kitten named Chloe. Hannah sought out one of the animal welfare organizations she works with to retrieve an abandoned cat. When she got there, they handed over the kitten Chloe.

She was a little older than the cats that Kitten Lady usually picked up, but Chloe had something unique that put her at risk of being killed: she was paralyzed from the hips down. She did not really know what to do, but took Chloe home. After about 20 veterinary visits and many tests, they came to the conclusion that the cat would not be able to walk again.

However, Chloe and Hannah have taught us the importance of loving other living beings and accepting both their strengths and weaknesses. She may not be able to walk, but she is a very lively, intelligent and independent cat.

Like Monay, Chloe helped raise money to save other cats with the same physical problems she has. Kitten Lady has not only helped pay for the therapy for other paralyzed cats, but has also made videos and training sessions on how to care for paralyzed cats.

Abandoned kittens are very vulnerable. Without the mother to take care of them or people who know what they are doing, the kittens will die even if they are with the animal welfare organization.

But the Kitten Lady teaches us that it is possible to save hundreds of kittens by devoting a few hours a day to them. With a lot of hard work and love, she has succeeded in what she tried to achieve – and she still does today.

Photos: Kitten Lady’s Facebook page

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