Is Your Dog Hungry – Or Is He Really?

Is your dog hungry - or is he really?

Everyone who has a pet and who has taken on the responsibility of taking care of them worries about their diet and many other things. But when it comes to dogs in particular, it can be difficult to see if your dog is hungry.

Our furry friends often seem like bottomless pitches. They always want to eat more and always ask for a piece of whatever we eat.

But is my dog ​​really that hungry? If you give him the right food and also take into account the dog’s size, he will be full.

Your dog is hungry and standing next to his food bowl.

So why is your dog constantly asking for food? The answer lies in part in his origins.

Your pet’s ancestors were wolves. These animals got their food by hunting. Since this method means that they will not eat every day and sometimes do not get enough food, their survival instinct makes them eat everything they can get over. For them, the next hunt may not succeed, and they will not eat for several days.

This behavior has persisted and still affects your pet today. Even when he has never had to do anything to get food, there is something inside him that tells him to fill his stomach because it can take a long time until the next meal.

So if your dog looks at you as if to say “is there anything more to eat?”, Try not to give in to his sweet eyes. If you give him the correct amount, continue with this and do not exceed this amount. It will only make him fat and will have a negative impact on his health.

To find out if you are giving your dog enough food and to make sure you cover his nutritional needs, you should consult a veterinarian. A veterinarian will inform you about the most appropriate diet for your dog at each stage of life in accordance with:

  • Race or size
  • Weight
  • State of health
  • Activity level

Calculate the daily amount your dog needs

It is important that you make a correct calculation of the daily amount that your dog needs. Then divide this by the number of times you feed him during the day. This way you will make sure that he eats what he needs to stay healthy and strong.

If you are a very busy person and are outdoors most of the time, or if you do not have a fixed time when you are at home, you may be worried that he will not get his meal at a fixed time every day.

Since dogs like schedules, your dog will probably be hungry if you are late. However, there is a solution. This solution will not change your dog’s routine but it will prevent him from getting hungry. You can get special pre-programmed bowls that give him food at a certain time.

Dog biting in food bowl

If you feed him properly, he will definitely not go hungry

So do not worry. If you give your dog food of good quality, according to his characteristics, and in the right amount, he will definitely not go hungry. He may still be asking for food, but that’s nothing to worry about.

If you give your dog homemade food, the same thing applies. In this case, you should consult a specialist in animal nutrition, to make sure he gets all the nutrients he needs.

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