Irish Red Setter: Beautiful And Very Kind

This is a social and caring pet that is great for homes with children. It is also intelligent and easy to train.
Irish red setter: beautiful and very kind

Today we will talk about a dog breed called the Irish Red Setter, which was originally a hunting dog. Because it is so beautiful, it is now in many homes. Read on to find out more about this fantastic dog breed.

This dog comes from the white and red varieties, which are less popular than the others. According to material dating back to the 18th century, the current breed is still similar to the original.

Irish Red Setter is a dog that is good for hunting. When hunting with their owners, they point in the direction where the prey is hiding.

During the 19th century, they began to be shown at dog shows, where they quickly became popular. The Irish Setter has been bred significantly more for dog shows than for hunting, which is why there are very few of these dogs today that are used as hunting dogs.

However, as you can see in this article, it still has its hunting instincts. Very little has changed regarding the dog’s physical appearance.

Irish red setter in the grass.

This dog has an elegant appearance and can grow up to 65 cm, but weighs no more than 30 kg due to the body and legs being so thin. It has a long and narrow head. The nose has a light or dark color. The ears are triangular and rounded, and hang on the sides.

These dogs have long and silky fur all over their body, but especially  on their ears, chest, stomach and tail. The tail is long, hangs low and is never raised above the spine, even when the dog is on the alert.

The Irish setter has a reddish-brown color, but may have white spots on the face, toes and chest. There are other variants that come in other colors, such as black or with spots.

The hunting behavior still exists despite the fact that it has been used as a pet for several generations. This fantastic dog breed has always been full of energy and is very intelligent. It also works hard and is extremely friendly.

Dog running.

These dogs generally behave well, but they need a lot of exercise to not start behaving badly. They need three long walks a day, but also mental training, such as problem solving and interactive toys.

They are very friendly and caring, which makes them good dogs for children. They are kind to strangers, so they are not good as watch dogs. However, this means that they make new friends wherever they go.

Because they are so intelligent, it is not difficult to train an Irish red setter if you use positive reinforcement during training. However, trying to establish a dominant relationship with them can be counterproductive.

The Irish setter is not at high risk for diseases, but because they are so large, they can suffer from hip dysplasia and abdominal distortion. The most common conditions are hemophilia, epilepsy and eye problems.

Dog by the sea.

As with all other dog breeds, only the veterinarian should diagnose and treat these conditions. Also think about vaccination and deworming them to keep them as healthy as possible.

Their fine and silky fur must be brushed several times a week. Sometimes there may be lumps in the coat that not only look bad, but can also cause skin problems. As this is a dog that loves to run in the grass, it should always be dewormed and you should examine the paws and and the ears to make sure that it has not received parasites and dirt.

The Irish setter was originally a hunting dog, one since it is so beautiful and has such a nice personality, it has become increasingly common in people’s homes. Keep in mind that it needs physical and training. You will then have a loyal and caring friend for many years.

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