Inventive Orangutans Created Hooks

Orangutan is a species that never ceases to amaze us: a new study has shown that it can use tools more efficiently than we thought.
Inventive orangutans created hooks

We all know that primates are some of the most intelligent species on earth. But when you read about some of the latest tests done with inventive orangutans, you will be truly amazed!

These amazing orangutans have managed to leave us speechless with their incredible ability to make hooks.

Researchers have discovered an application that has never before been observed in any species other than humans. Orangutans have been shown to be one step ahead of other primates.

Learn about a successful experiment where they have shown both their imagination and their skills.

What these inventive orangutans succeeded with

Specialists conducted the study at the universities of Vienna and Saint Andrews. They showed how monkeys can use different types of steel wire to gain access to spaces where their fingers cannot reach.

During the first attempt, the orangutan was able to make a hook out of a straight piece of steel wire. The goal was to get a reward that was placed in a basket in a tube. The primate managed to form a hook with the help of its teeth.

For the second experiment, researchers used a bent piece of steel wire. In the beginning, the wire was not long enough to reach the reward placed inside a straight tube.

To reach the goal, several orangutans managed to straighten the steel wire after a few minutes. When the thread was long enough, they reached and pulled the reward out of the tube without any problems.

Researchers claim that they have never seen anything like it before.

Orangutans eat a piece of fruit.

Incredible results

To understand the significance of these findings and to compare the intelligence of these primates with humans, children of different ages participated in similar tests.

The results were more than just surprising. From the age of five, a person can use complex tools to achieve his goal.

But when the experts gave the children the challenge of getting a basket from the bottom of a pipe with only a straight piece of steel wire, it became quite complicated for them.

Most children between the ages of three and five could not do that. Only a few of them came up with the idea of ​​bending the steel wire to make a hook. A large number of seven-year-olds also failed the test.

As a result, this gives us an idea of ​​the orangutans’ level of problem solving and intelligence.

The tests were only successful with children over 8 years of age. What attracted the researchers’ attention was that children, regardless of age, were more successful when someone had previously shown them how to use the steel wire.

However, the youngest did not succeed, even though they understood how to use the hook.

Isabelle Laumer was responsible for carrying out the experiment at Leipzig Zoo in Germany. She claimed that the study has shown that the inventive orangutans have the opportunity to create and use tools.

Laumer also stated that orangutans have abilities that far exceed what we previously thought. According to this study, they outclass people for eight years.

Orangutan with young

The future of the species

Experts believe that these inventive orangutans are seriously endangered in the wild. There are only 104,700 specimens left of the borneo orangutan, while the sumatra orangutan barely reaches a population of 14,600.

The tropical deciduous forests where they live are disappearing more and more. This is due to wood and mineral extraction, and also the conversion of forests into arable land. Currently, only 50% of orangutans live in the wild.

On the other hand, the illegal market for orangutans also affects their population. The sellers kill the mother and force the kids to go on a journey that very few survive.

Their purpose is to sell them as pets in different parts of the world.

Until much stronger action is taken against this, their number will not stop declining. As a result, and as has already happened with many others, we will potentially lose an irreplaceable animal species.

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