Interesting And Beautiful Fish For Your Aquarium

What are the colorful fish that you could have in your aquarium? Find out in this article.
Interesting and beautiful fish for your aquarium

There are some species of beautiful fish for your aquarium that you really should take a look at.

The marine world has a large variety of species in fantastic shapes, colors and sizes. Some are small, like different types of coral, while others are large, such as the blue whale.

Some fish have very bright colors and patterns on their scales. In most cases, these colors and patterns act as camouflage against predators.

Keep in mind that fish can be great pets, especially for people who do not have much space in the home or for people who can not spend so much time with their animals.

An aquarium can also be a great way to teach children to take responsibility.

Below we list some interesting fish for your aquarium. When you choose to have fish, it is very important that you talk to someone who is knowledgeable in the subject so that the fish can get along well with each other.

Mandarin fish

The mandarin fish is a fish with strong colors. It is part of the dragonet family, which is very popular for saltwater aquariums. This species comes from the Pacific Ocean.

Mandarin fish in aquarium.

It has a long body and protruding eyes. These fish are usually just over 5 cm long and have two dorsal fins. They have strong colors with fantastic patterns.

The base color of the mountains is usually blue and over this it has orange, yellow and green patterns. The diet consists of small crustaceans and other invertebrates.


This fish got its name from a man named Lechmere Guppy, who was the one who discovered it. It is one of the most popular fish for aquariums because they are easy to care for.

The males have more colors than the females, who get new fry every 30 days.

Guppy fish in an aquarium.

Beautiful fish for your aquarium: the clownfish

The clownfish is also called anemonefish and is one of the most beautiful species you can have in an aquarium, as well as one of the fish that is most in demand in the pet store.

These fine fish became popular thanks to the movie Finding Nemo, whose protagonist was a clownfish.

Clownfish in aquarium.

The body is generally orange or yellow and has white stripes with black edges. The fins also usually have a black line.

There are several types of clownfish that vary in color and pattern. All of them are very beautiful. The largest specimens can be 17 cm long while the smallest are only 10 cm.

Discus fish

The discus fish is considered the king of the aquarium. It is a colorful and social fish. It has a flat, round body that resembles a disc. The fins are very long and it has a small mouth and colorful eyes.

Discus fish with fry.

These fish vary greatly in color depending on the species. Discus fish usually have a strong blue, green, purple and even red color. Some have only one color while others have beautiful patterns and designs.

The body has 8 dark vertical stripes that are used for camouflage and for communication.


This is one of the most beautiful animals in the marine world. They have a body reminiscent of an outer skeleton with bony rings. Seahorses have a medium-sized nose and a small crown on their head with five points.

Yellow seahorse.

Seahorses generally come in different colors, from white to maroon. They often have horizontal white or dark stripes. When a seahorse is illuminated by a bright light, it gets a lighter color.

The size depends on the species in question, but the largest varieties can be almost 25 cm.

Fish for your aquarium: Siamese fighting fish

The fish got its name because it was used in Thailand as a fighting fish. It is a beautiful fish and one of the most popular species to have in an aquarium.

Red Siamese fighting fish.

The Siamese fighting fish belongs to the Gourami family (Osphronemidae), comes from Southeast Asia and generally has a green and reddish brown color.

The species that evolved in captivity have many colors and different types of fins. It is a very elegant fish that is easy to care for.

Each of these examples would have been perfect in your aquarium. You will be able to create a nice ornament for your home where you can have these little pets.

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