Improve The Dog’s Agility With Training And Nutrition

In order for you to be able to train the dog’s agility, it is not only necessary to train, but you must also think about the dog’s diet.
Improve your dog's agility with exercise and nutrition

It has become increasingly common for owners to participate in sports and hobbies with their dogs. It can be very demanding to improve the dog’s agility in a very good way.

This is something that they can both benefit from and that strengthens the bond between them.

This activity requires intense physical activity that will improve the shape and health of both you and your dog. However, you need to train many hours to achieve good results.

Nutrition is also very important. You have to prepare the dog for these training sessions, but despite that, it’s like a game for them.

To improve the dog’s agility

In order to be able to improve the dog’s agility in the best way, you need to train it at a special training center with a dog trainer.

The specialist will be able to help your dog in the best way. He will also be able to do this in a fast and fun way, because a good coach never uses physical punishment.

It is important to remember that animals less than one and a half years old are not old enough to participate in this activity.

The reason for this is that their legs and joints are not fully developed and they can therefore suffer serious injuries.

Until the dog has reached this age, it should learn through play and with activities that are appropriate for its age.

Dog running obstacle course.

Try to avoid training him outside of these specialized learning centers. You may want to bring your dog to the park to try some of his tricks.

However, these parks are not equipped to train dogs; they are just places where you go with the dog to have fun. The lack of soft surfaces and hard obstacles can affect the animal’s joints.

In order for the dog to be able to participate in this exercise and think it is fun, you should train him by using dog candy as a reward, but never use punishment and do not scold it.

The only thing you will achieve with the help of negative training is that you make the dog no longer want to participate, and it will end up being distracted by everything it sees around it.

It takes hard work

As you may imagine, it will take many hours to get the dog to do the exercises correctly.

The dog will need to learn how to perform different exercises and how to work with different obstacles. It is therefore important to work individually with each exercise.

Once he has understood each exercise, you can then start working with them in sequences.

Another aspect that you should keep in mind is that you do not insist too much with the same exercise.

If your dog has tried several times without success, he will get tired. It will make him lose concentration and interest.

Dog in obstacle course.


In order to improve the dog’s agility, it should also eat a diet that is slightly different from that of sedentary dogs.

To give the dog enough energy and improve muscles, the diet should meet the following requirements:

  • First of all, you should be aware that the typical dog food is not as complete as the manufacturers say. Commercial dog food will not provide the dog with all the nutrients it needs.
  • Natural food: you will notice a difference in your dog’s agility, performance and physical strength when you add raw and natural foods to his diet.
  • Add foods with high levels of protein and a moderate amount of fat, preferably animal fat. Dog food with fish is also good because it contains omega-3 fatty acids. It also makes the animal’s muscles recover faster.

You should never give your dog calcium supplements to strengthen the skeleton. Too much of this mineral can cause very negative effects and far-reaching damage.

It is also not recommended that you give your dog food that is said to be “full of energy”, as it tends to contain a lot of fat. This can cause your pet to gain weight.

If the dog is to be able to participate in sports activities, it is best that it gets energy through carbohydrates.

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